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Discussion in 'Lube' started by longhunter, Oct 3, 2017.

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    By all means, make another batch with clean beeswax but, you might take a crack at melting your first batch down slowly, re-stir with a wisk, then strain to get the bee parts and trash from the dirty wax you used out.

    Work your loads up with the new batch of lube, then try some from the first batch to see if it works as well for you.
    The color of the beeswax, plus if you "burn" the grease a bit, can change the color of the end result (ask me how i know lol), but it may still work just fine.

    I cooked the grease a bit with too much heat on my first batch years ago and got a watermelon color in the end, but it still proved out to work as well as subsequent batches made in the right way.

    I use Ben's Red ,and or, BLL on all of my cast loads with total satisfaction and confidence first shot to last at the range or in the field.

    Good luck with your next batch and just remember, it's a blend, not a melt.
    Low heat, lots of stiring and go slow....nothing to it!
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    The trouble with a lot of us, is following directions, without
    adding a little something of our own personal whims. Human
    nature I guess.

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    Will 212F from a double boiler be enough heat to melt the ingredients? Seems a
    good way to ensure not burning, but may not be hot enough.

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    I've never used the double boiler method.
    However, that doesn't mean it won't work.

    If you have a good way to adjust your heat and you don't walk off and leave your lube mix, watching for smoke and keeping your heat adjusted to minimize or eliminate the smoke and constant stirring with a wisk will work very well.


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