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Discussion in 'Swap/Sell' started by Cherokee, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Cherokee

    Cherokee Active Member

    L 358156 01.jpg
    Lyman 358156 GC 2 Cv mold $50 shipped to you. Purchased new back in late 70's and used by me until lately; don't need GC bullets any more. Bullet cast large enough to size .358 @ 156 gr from Lyman #2, runs 160 gr from 2/3/95 alloy. I also have about 500 Lyman gas checks I'll include for another $10.
  2. 358156 hp

    358156 hp Active Member

    I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this design. I already own three of them, including an ageworn HP mould, and that doesn't include the RCBS clone, or Lymans 357446 predecessor design. Buy with confidence!
  3. Cherokee

    Cherokee Active Member

    Thanks 35816 hp for the endorsement of the design; I'm not surprised you chimed in.
  4. 358156 hp

    358156 hp Active Member

    I couldn't miss an opportunity like this...:D
  5. Brad

    Brad Moderator Staff Member

    I own a 4 cav of that design. I rarely use it because I don't need a GC bullet for 357.
    I really like the Thompson designs even more than the Keith designs.
  6. KHornet

    KHornet Well-Known Member

    Have an old double 156 mold. Have not cast in in a number of years, as, agreeing
    with brad don't need a GC for most 357 shooting. However, I may have to run a
    couple hundred just to shoot at high vol out of my 94 Win.

  7. Cherokee

    Cherokee Active Member

    Well, guess I'll hang onto this mold for a while longer.

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