iPhone machinist's app available once again

Discussion in 'Machine work' started by KeithB, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. KeithB

    KeithB Active Member

    One of the iPhone/iPad apps I have depended on for a long time is called "Machinist Journeyman". Best $9.99 I've ever spent. I recommended it to someone here a while back and after they and I checked the app store it was no longer listed. I was really concerned since I had received several warnings that this app might not work after the next system upgrade.

    Finally gave in and let my phone upgrade the IOS and lo and behold not only did that app work but it had been upgraded to a new version. I checked the app store and it is listed again as being available for purchase. For what I need to do it works very well and I recommend it highly. I've tried numerous other iPhone machinist's apps and so far this is the best I've found.

    Note that I am in no way associated with the developers or Apple or any other party that might profit from this, I'm just a happy user.
  2. Brad

    Brad Moderator Staff Member

    I may well be making a purchase soon
  3. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    I looked at it and I like it..
  4. oscarflytyer

    oscarflytyer Active Member

    Not even remotely a machinist, but I am sure it has valuable reference material - so I dropped the $10!
  5. freebullet

    freebullet Well-Known Member

    Huh, looks like there's a whole mess of apps relating to machining.

    I'm curious what it is used for or how it's most helpful?
  6. Brad

    Brad Moderator Staff Member

    Cutting speeds, feed rates, trig calculations. Those are right off the top.
  7. KeithB

    KeithB Active Member

    1. It has two bolt circle calculators. one based on 0 degrees being at the 12 o'clock position and going CW, the other conforms to CNC standard geometry and puts 0 degrees at 3 o'clock and goes CCW to 360 degrees. The former is a more traditional BC coordinate calculator, the latter is for CNC.

    2. It has a table of all the dimensional data for UN threads from 0-80 to 1-3/8 - 6. There is a table in Machinerys Handbook that goes all the way to 4" dia but for most of the threads we cut this is adequate, and its always right there in my pocket (iPhone) or on my work bench (iPad).

    3. It has a handy table of center drill sizes and dimensions. I use it to pick the right center drill for the application.

    4. A drill point length calculator, so I know how much to add to the depth of a through hole to ensure complete drill-thru when programming drilling depths.

    5. All the standard specialized calculators for determining RPM, surface footage, cutting speeds, feed rates, cutting times, etc. Lots of apps have these.

    6. It has tables of drill sizes vs diameters.

    7. It allows calculating countersink depths.

    8. It has some other stuff that is more CNC oriented, not really applicable to manual/hobby machining but useful if you have CNC.

    I've tried other apps and they either did not have most of what I need and want or else they had some issues that I couldn't live with. For example, I have Job Shop Pro, it seemed pretty decent until I used the bolt circle calculator. It generates a table based on the radius of the bolt circle, the number of holes, and the angular offset of the first hole. The table shows the degree position of the hole and the X and Y coordinate of the hole center. All well and good, the calculations seemed accurate, no problem. oops, real problem. The degree, X, and Y column scroll independently! They don't stay in step and scroll up and down together, so if you have more data than can be displayed on one screen you can't be sure that the degree, X, and Y values match up. That makes that part of the app useless IMHO.

    I wish it had more information such as hex head and hex socket cap screw head diameters, heights and wrench/opening sizes. Maybe that will be added at some point now that it has been upgraded to this new version.

    If someone knows of a better program or has one you really like please post that. I'd be willing to try a new app if it works better.
  8. freebullet

    freebullet Well-Known Member

    Thanks, very helpful.
  9. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    OK, I have a problem with the Machinist Journeyman app. I can't use it on my iPhone cause I have a OLD iPhone (4s) and the OS needs to be 10.0 or higher. RATS!!!!

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