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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by fiver, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. fiver

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    gonna tell a little story on myself and Littlegirl.
    last spring I took Littlegirl down to shoot her first meat shoot.
    in these shoots you pay your money up front and they draw you out to shoot on a squad of 5 people.
    well they draw us out together along with another guy I know a little bit and 2 other people.
    one of the others is a kid of about 13-14 years old.
    so you line up and you shoot at 10 total targets and the highest score wins, ties shoot off until there is a winner.
    on this relay she drops a target and the other guy drops a target and they are out.
    me, my friend, and the kid are tied with 10.
    the kid gets the first choice of shots [you basically play a game of horse]
    he picks a shot at the 22 yard line which is probably a bit out of his comfort zone. [and possibly beyond the distance his old shotgun is capable of shooting]
    he barely breaks a chip out of the target, and now it's my turn, I miss the target by about 25-30 feet.
    Dawn looks at me and say's you missed that on purpose.,,,,,, I lifted my head.
    she is like, liar you missed on purpose.
    now my buddy Matt is getting ready to take his shot.
    Dawn looks at me and says what is your handicap? [meaning handicap yardage I normally shoot, which has been the furthest yardage possible]
    I was like what?
    she says what is your handicap?
    I was like you know damn well it's your mother.
    Matt starts laughing so hard he can't shoot and forfeits on the spot waving his hand and walking off about dying,,, giving the kid the win.

    we walked back down to the bench we always sit on and he looks at me and say's why do you always do stuff like that to me.
  2. Goatwhiskers

    Goatwhiskers Member

    I sense a plot here, but you did the right thing. GW
  3. You teach skill by practice, you teach character by example.
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  4. Intheshop

    Intheshop Well-Known Member

    Good one fiver,made me laugh too.

    Here's one from the files;

    20 sumthin years ago....A good friend buys a Delta Elite 10mm,contacts me so he can bring it over and shoot it,oogle over it,and possibly drool on it a bit.The oldest is 12,I have to make a dump run so get him to hang around and tell the guy I'll be back in a bit....chill.

    So sure enough,guy shows up whilst on dump duty.I had hung up one of those B21? or whatever the number is on those silhouette targets.My son is talkin to the guy,complimenting his new Colt.According to my friend,he really wanted the oldest to shoot the thing.My son is like,"'s your new gun,you shoot it".Apparently this exchange goes back N forth several times.My son finally relents.He double taps a pr of snake eyes in the ten zone at 10yds,snaps the safety on and hands it back to the guy."Yeah it's pretty cool".

    My friend told me about it later.
  5. freebullet

    freebullet Well-Known Member

    At 12 they wouldn't let me win or get a shot at a bird. I had to want it bad enough to get it myself.
    By the time I hit 13-14 we'd have to autopsy the bird for shot angle before they'd respect my claim to it.
  6. smokeywolf

    smokeywolf Well-Known Member

    Good story fiver.
  7. KHornet

    KHornet Well-Known Member

    Yep, I also liked it Fiver!

  8. Pistolero

    Pistolero Well-Known Member

  9. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    well I showed a little less compassion today.
    we are having a PITA shoot at the club, it's been going on since Wednesday, and I decided to go down and shoot the 200 target event.
    I was tied for first after the first 100 and we made the turn to the second bank [next 100 on another set of houses] and things went well until the last house then I dropped 2 targets right at the end when the wind come up and caught me off guard.
    [the first dropped me back into a tie and the second cost me a new Weatherby rifle]
    the very nice Lady I was shooting with learned some new swear words on the second miss and I apologized to her.
    we ended up eating dinner together at the club with the certificate I won as part of my prize for 2nd place though,, so not all was lost.
  10. Pistolero

    Pistolero Well-Known Member

    Dang, sorry you missed out on the rifle. Sounds like you made a friend, may be a better

  11. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    I think I actually come out ahead on the deal.
  12. freebullet

    freebullet Well-Known Member

    Bummer on the wb. Sounds like you made out well though.
  13. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    I met her dad and her nephew in between us shooting together, and my eating with her.
    I didn't know they were related until
    she went to introduce us and they were both like 'I already know him', she looked at me and said good lord am I the only one here that don't know you? :D

    when we went out to shoot they didn't have my or her name on the score sheets and I just told the trap kid [on both halves] I was on station 4 and he just said 'okay' and wrote my name in [she had to spell hers for them]
    she didn't know I had spoken with her nephew for about an hour while we were watching the trap kids shoot their relay.
    and then I spoke with her dad later in the afternoon for about 30-40 minutes when I was down BS'in with the gunsmith that is working on Dawns Remington.

    I liked them all and really look forward to hopefully seeing them again.

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