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  1. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    snow has it's advantages.
    I'm aware of chiggers, and ticks, and fleas.
  2. Brad

    Brad Moderator Staff Member

    Aware of?
    We have plenty of chiggers and ticks. We can travel a few hours and be in parts of northern Missouri that are teaming with deer ticks and Lyme disease.
  3. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    we have ticks, just not that many.
    in all the time I have been in the mountains I have only seen one tick and that was when I was a kid.
    never seen a chigger.
    fleas are hit or miss [mostly miss] I don't even put flea collars on the dogs for hunting.
  4. RBHarter

    RBHarter Well-Known Member

    Man you guys are really making me look forward to moving to Mena Ar . I've never been over run with ticks , fleas etc . I have had a go with chiggers ....... Nasty little fatherless beasts .
    The heart worm note is appreciated , just 1 more thing I hadn't given a thought to.
    The desert just doesn't let those nasties live very long ..... Mosquitoes in every oasis .....
  5. Rally Hess

    Rally Hess Active Member

    Some years we have a terrible bunch of ticks so I have to spend @$800.00 a year getting the Lymes vaccine for all my dogs. I buy Front Line by the case. Put it on them every two weeks because they swim most every day. Skeeters by the truckload in wet years, and deer flys the dry years. Best part is it snows in October and stays until May.LOL
  6. Rick

    Rick Moderator Staff Member

    Moving here from the desert SW I hadn't even heard of heart worms. After a vet showed me pictures of a dead dogs heart with about a dozen worms sticking out of it my dog gets the meds every month religiously. These worms are transmitted via mosquito bites and from what I'm told people don't get them, just critters. The meds are a chewable biscuit that from the looks of her she doesn't like very much but she would eat a rock if ya told her it was a cookie.
  7. HHD WV

    HHD WV New Member

    I use DMSO roll on with Aloe. Found at GNC nutrition stores and organic stores. Kills chiggers, stops the itch. Harles
  8. oscarflytyer

    oscarflytyer Active Member

    GNC has DMSO?!? Hell, last I knew that was illegal for humans over 30 yrs ago! I would LOVE to find some. It is the best linament I have ever used. I used to get it from the horse guys. Once, in Austria (1987), skiing Alps glaciers in Nov, knees were KILLING me. Guy was giving sleigh rides in single digit weather. Horses' knees were wrapped. I asked him what he was using and it was DMSO. Got some and the rest of the long wkend skiied like a downhill racer, albeit not a vampire came within a mile of me!!!! Roommate wasn't too fond of me either, irrc!
  9. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    if it works on women that live with you too I'm in.
  10. oscarflytyer

    oscarflytyer Active Member

    HHD. Googled GNC and couldn't find it. If you would be so kind to post a pic of what you have, I would appreciate it. Thanx
  11. oscarflytyer

    oscarflytyer Active Member

    Fiver, if she don't like the reek of garlic, it will def keep her away!
  12. HHD WV

    HHD WV New Member

    Just googled DMSO roll on with aloe vera. Popped up immediately. Harles
    You do taste garlic when you use it.
  13. oscarflytyer

    oscarflytyer Active Member

    THANX! I was going thru GNC. Really appreciate the heads up!

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