Went to the Gun Show today.

Discussion in 'Rifles' started by Ben, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    I have a 788 in 22-250. It's always been a great shooter. Trigger is nothing to write home about though. I've toyed with the idea of getting a replacement, but that idea never makes it to the top of the list.

    I can remember my Mom telling me they'd had a great weekend at the bar/restaurant when there was a big to-do in town and the place was packed every minute. Took in a thousand buck$ gross!!! Profit might have been 15%, maybe less, and my folks and grandparents worked 3 days from 9AM to 4AM. Whoopie!
  2. Ben

    Ben Moderator Staff Member

    You hear people talk about " The Good Ole' Days ".
    Makes me wonder just how accurate that really was ?

  3. Brad

    Brad Moderator Staff Member

    I think of today as the good ole days for me.
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  4. KHornet

    KHornet Well-Known Member

    Good old days for some was bad old days for others. Regardless,
    it is what it is, and we cant change it.

  5. Canuck Bob

    Canuck Bob Member

    Outstanding rifle. In my opinion the best 30-30 bolt going. I had a CIL badged Savage years ago that did just fine but no tack driver. Looking forward to some of your trademark 30-30 groups from that rifle. Congratulations.
  6. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    Yeah, but gas was 25-27 cents a gal, a pair of jeans was $4.00 and a new 4wd Chevy PU with a plow ran about $4K. A house cost $15K. A Winchester 94 was $49.00 in the Sears catalog!
  7. Ben

    Ben Moderator Staff Member

    But where was a man going to find $49.00 ? ?
  8. Brad

    Brad Moderator Staff Member

    In the pants of the future Ben. You know, the Ben that worked hard, did what it took to get promotions, and saved wisely. Yah, THAT Ben.
  9. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    $49.00? You trapped fox and 'rats, stuffed insulation in new construction, worked the 2nd shift on weekends at the mill, whatever. Same as now, only 'rats still bring the same $2-3.00 as they did in the old days...
  10. RBHarter

    RBHarter Well-Known Member

    My dad took a medical retirement in 1970 . In 1968 he bought one of the last 5000 or so M12 Win built . It cost $57. As a Journeyman plumber/pipe fitter his pay rate at retirement was $4.75/hr , nearly 2 days wages before taxes . He bought a 1957 production in 1960 that was just 37.50 .

    I gave less than a days wages for the last rifle . The one before that new in box just a days overtime .
    I gave a straight days wages after taxes for the 1949 325 .
    It shoots very well in 30-30 . I paid about the same for a 222 , 325 . It too shoots very well .

    If you shoot a rifle , shotgun or pistol well what's it matter if it's if it's a $5,000 Perazzi or a $300 Mossberg ?
  11. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    These days a lot of the same people complaining about the cost of things are the same ones buying lotto tickets by the $100.00, a new $600.00 smart phone every few months, $200.00 sneakers or spending their weekends at the casino. I guess it's all in your perspective.
  12. Intheshop

    Intheshop Well-Known Member

    Nice snag Ben.Looks like it's got decent figure too.You gonna do any finish work on it?

    The only thing my dad gave me was a job,haha.My parents sort of spoiled an older brother and sister.....I'm the youngest and they changed tactics.Didn't give me chit,instead,instilled this insatiable work ethos.To a fault really,never made it out of H.S.,was contracting @17 y.o.I'd rather make money than spend it....but it's much deeper.If you want something bad enough,build it.Talk s..t or do s..t.Pretty simple really.
  13. JWFilips

    JWFilips Well-Known Member

    Trapping Rats! Thought I was the only one ! Used to do that when I was 12 to 14 years old....75 cents per pelt... Nasty critters! got them out of a sewer polluted river! Now that river is prime Trout waters! Wow what a change during my lifetime!
  14. Ben

    Ben Moderator Staff Member


    I've free floated the barrel and glass bedded the action and 1.5" of the barrel in front of the receiver. I'm about 80% finished with the stock finishing.





  15. Intheshop

    Intheshop Well-Known Member

  16. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    Plain, but tasteful, nothing wring with that at all.

    We're still trapping 'rats, coyotes and beaver. The last 2 aren't worth skinning these days, but it's a matter or controlling their numbers.
  17. quicksylver

    quicksylver Well-Known Member

    A real classic...when I try and compare yesterdays prices with todays ..I figure how many hours it would have taken me to buy it back when and how many today...somethings will surprise you..
  18. Ian

    Ian Well-Known Member

    First thing I thought seeing that tiger striping all along the fore-end and the big open holes in the grain was that thing needs a Ben Refinish job. Then I thought about cobbler's kids going without shoes, etc. Sure am glad to see it getting brought back to life, though, that's a really nice chunk of wood and I can't wait to see it finished!
  19. fiver

    fiver Well-Known Member

    a nice satin or semi-gloss type finish is all it needs to seal the wood.
    I like the figure and color of the stock as it is.
    just enough contrast between the black and brown to show it's a good sensible sturdy piece of wood, but the figure shows off the lines of the stock nicely.
  20. Pistolero

    Pistolero Well-Known Member

    Beautiful finish, Ben.

    As far as the good old days.... when my Ruger Standard Auto .22 pistol was "only"$37.50 retail, I was earning
    75 cents an hour at the only job near me in the country. So that "cheap pistol" was 50 hours of work, and I
    was getting maybe 10-12 hours a week. So, 100% of my pay for 4 or 5 weeks. The $36 for my Chilean
    Mauser in NRA Excellent condition was equally difficult to come by.


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