Which Reticle?

Discussion in 'Optics/sights' started by smokeywolf, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. smokeywolf

    smokeywolf Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to think Ian has put me on the right path. The CASM scope mount and the SWFA SS 3-15x42 scope w/140 MOA adjustment. I even like the reticle.
  2. Ian

    Ian Well-Known Member

    The first focal plane reticle is an outstanding feature, if you've never had a scope built that way before you're in for a treat. There's no zero stop on that scope, but if you read the reviews someone commented that there's an aftermarket kit available to convert it inexpensively. If you're dialing a lot of adjustment and get confused (happens at night sometimes, or just happens) it's really nice to be able to go back to a known zero point and start over, or to re-set to your primary zero (100, 200, whatever) after a day of shooting so you know where it's going to hit next time you take it out.

    You might want to think about shopping for LOW 1913 30mm rings right now, maybe you'll be able to get your hands on some by the time you get the rifle and mount together.
  3. freebullet

    freebullet Well-Known Member

    Nothing is without drawbacks.

    I would simply caution that most ffp scopes the reticle gets larger/thicker the higher the power is set. That has always been a deal breaker for me above 10x ymmv.
  4. 300BLK

    300BLK Active Member

    First/front focal plane reticles will get larger as the magnification is increased. Because of that, the graduations of the reticle (MOA or Mils)remain constant. If it is a variable and not FFP, reticle graduations will only be true at a particuar magnification.
  5. Ian

    Ian Well-Known Member

    The reticle also stays proportional to the magnification at any power, so it doesn't really get bigger in relation to the target picture.
  6. Pistolero

    Pistolero Well-Known Member

    Fwd (scout) mount versus standard mount been decided?
    Seems like all options are conventional mount, so I guess you
    don't want or haven't considered scout location.

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  7. smokeywolf

    smokeywolf Well-Known Member

    Much prefer conventional mount. With good eye relief, that should be fine.

    With the trip to AR and MO, and all the states in between, I haven't had time to give the M1A much thought.

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