223 nose pic


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Looking fwd to some varmint blasting. Been kinda chillin,on the hunting.... and shooting practice actually....because it's deer season.WRT hunters trying to fill their tags.

Was setup to blast a crow @150 yds the other day with the '19 R700 ADL 223 and the booger flew off a moment too early. Very carefully extracted this round.

Took about 10 tries to get this pic. The bullet has perfect engraving all the way round but couldn't get it to show up so had to settle for just one land. There's a super fine depth limit that these rounds "stick" trying to extract loaded....

<.001" runout. All loading details written down and other than it's a Lee 225-55rf,and IMR4198..... don't even know or want to,what the particulars are,haha. 20181125_165300_resized.jpg


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I try very hard to get that rifling scuff, including changing the alloy around until I get it just right.
I have also been known to put a smear of lanolin based lube on the nose of my bullets when the nose diameter shoots best at a little more than a scuff.


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Fiver,might have to try a little lube on the nose of this one.

It's a little deeper than just a scuff..... prolly near .001 deep. Isn't showing up well.And they all are the same depth..... when considering the curve/ogive interface with the leade angle.... which there is a formula*,but makes my brain hurt to even think about..... it's freakin amazing. Take the same oal,same everything but,have say .003 or worse runout and see what these scuff/engravings look like. Further,this is a 12T barrel. Way easier to get perfect engraving than a fast twist..... back to the math blackboard.

You can also see,just above the drive band,a shiny line. That's the end of the throat... seat them a cpl thous longer and they'll "stick" just about every time.

*the math here can be circumvented in a very easy to figure way.... look at the "length" of each scuff/engraving. In this case they're all freaking dang close in this respect.
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I seen it, like I said perfect.
I size mine to scuff that first band.
between that scuff sliding in the ball seat area and the nose aligning things, it's pretty hard to screw up alignment especially if the case is already blown out to fit the chamber.
you can't hardly get any better unless the chambers neck is cut tight enough to have to cut the case necks to fit.