38 Super Comp


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I've been using the NOE 357135 RF in my 357 Mag load and got to thinking...why not 38 Super ? So, tried some and they fed 100% and shoot great in my two hands. Here is the 357 Mag load:
357M 357135RF 01.jpg

Here is the 38 Super Comp load:

I'm using 231 @ 1.192" OAL and .357 size for the 138 gr bullet. Easy load, drops cases close, fun to shoot.


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Yes, 1911, one I built back in the 80's, 6" Caspian slide and King barrel. Also have another 6" Caspian built on a Para frame with a Briley barrel. Feeding has been 100% reliable.
Colt 38Sup 6 #34 -003.jpg
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Got a para (pro custom) 9 that I'm fixing to barrel in .38 super but requires a little (or a lot) of fitting with the ramped sig barrel I bought for cheap.