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last year, i got a husqvarna m46(1937) in 9.3x57. just recently gave her to my gunsmith to d&t, bend the bolt handle and a 2 position safety.

when he's done with it, i just loaded up 280gr fn gc( https://bullshop.weebly.com/-36-caliber-cast-bullets.html ) with 38.0gr of imr4895. the velocity is around(guesstimate) 1700-1800fps. i know i'll have to do some accuracy work, but i don't mind. if the 9.3x57 goes roughly 3" group at 100 yards then i'm done. it will be a close cover deer/black bear rifle.
IMG_20180601_175233 (2).jpgIMG_20180601_175357_2.jpgIMG_20180601_175524 (1).jpgIMG_20180707_143756.jpgIMG_20180707_143947.jpgIMG_20180711_155310.jpg
on the last picture...
the left cartridge is a 8x57 necked up to 9.3. the right cartridge is a fire formed (9.3x57)


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Neat rig and caliber. Those 280s ought to be real thumpers. Hope you get to play with it soon!


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The 9.3x57 is a great cartridge. I had great success with Vit 135 powder and the Speer 270 HotCor as well as Barnes original solids and their banded solids.
You might want to slug your barrel as some of them run a bit large in the groove. The three that I had all were a bit generous in that dimension, being about .368-.369 as I remember.
The little Husqvarna rifles are just dandy, being quite svelte in my opinion. You'll love them. Have fun;


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After almost 20 years of mucking about with the 9.3 x 62 Mauser, I'll offer a bit of food for thought.

Most of the European ammunition loaded in this caliber uses either 232 grain or 286 grain projectiles. I think that splitting the difference between those weight ranges is a better idea--by using the 250 grain-class bullets in 9.3mm caliber. E.g., the 9.3 x 62 can propel the 250s to 2625 FPS or thereabouts, and the spitzer-form 250s track very closely in velocity and trajectory with the 180 grain 30-06 bullet to 400 yards+. No one has ever accused the 30-06 x 180 of being anything other than an all-around great game cartridge. The difference is that the 9.3 x 62 hits with half-again more energy at any given range than does the 30-06.


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i use Bull Shops 275gr wfn gc with 4895 in mine. i have killed one doe with it and its a boom flop!!!!!! i slugged the 9.3x57 at .3665".


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Slugged the barrel on my Husky 146 a 98 mauser actioned made in 1928. Had the serial number checked by one of the members on the Gunboards Swedish sporting rifles sub forum. Slugs out at .368 for the grooves and .356 -.358 for the lands. Has been drilled and tapped for weaver bases and had the bolt handle done for use with a scope. Recoil lug is only bearing on the wood no cross bolt. So will have to glass bed it first before shooting. Don't have a mold for it yet. Probably go with something on the order of 280 grains. Only has fixed sights. Standing upright sight on the barrel and non adjustable front sight. Frank
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i've heard that the barrel will go .364 to .370". thats about what the 30-40 krag (springfield armory) did.

i'm in luv with 275gr wfn gc. i also have a 280gr rn gc too.


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I wonder if deep groove cuts are the rule with 9.3mm barrels. My CZ is .354" x .366", 4-groove Mauser pattern (lands roughly half the width of grooves).


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I have a 9.3x57 Husky as well, and have grown to like it very much. Mine has fixed open sights, that are as rugged as Thor's anvil. Obviously these sights are regulated to factory ammo, but I'm clueless as to which load. I spent a couple of years working up loads, but unfortunately all of that load data is on a computer that crashed, and I haven't recovered it off of the hard drive yet. But I can share some general trends -- the 270 Speer SP seems to be just about the perfect hardness, and expands beautifully at 2150 fps (I know, I know, jacketed bullet, but I was using this data to help establish a baseline to work from). It grouped about 3" with the open sights, but point of impact was a good 6" below point of aim. The 286 grain Nosler Partition grouped a little over 2" at 100 yards, and shot to the sights at 2100 fps (i.e. factory ballistics). The 9.3x57 has a 1 in 13" twist, and this gun seems to like heavier bullets, so I started off with an NEI 315 grain GC-RN (sizing a .375" Hornady GC down to .368"). I only tested this bullet at 50 yards, but it grouped OK (about 2 1/4" at 50) and was hitting a couple inches high at 50, so it would probably be spot-on out around 150 or so. As I recall, those test loads were only going about 1800 fps. I need to go back and re-visit that bullet at around 2000 fps, I suspect that it's capable of better. I had Dan Lynch over at Mountain Molds make me a 290 grain .368" GC-FP mould (Dan has just recently retired), and this proved to be just exactly what I was looking for. At 2000-2100 fps, it shoots directly to the sights, and groups well. Good results are possible with a wide range of powders, but my favorites are 4895, Re 15, and Acc. 2460. Charges of 45.0-46.0 grains will get velocities into the desired range at moderate pressures. The 9.3x57 is a dandy cast bullet gun, and should make a great moderate range hammer.


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i shoot a 275gr wfn gc with 39.0gr of imr4895. i used it to kill a doe last fall. i don't what velocity it is, but i'm guessing 1800-1900fps(more towards 1800-1850fps). i forgot to use my chrony and now it is at my gunsmith to make it a cock on opening and to put a rifle pad on it. it had a hacked up piece of black plastic and two rounded head screws.

275gr wfn gc(.368") made by bull shop and mountain moulds at 100 yards


280gr rn gc 38.0gr of imr4895(bottom left) at 100 yards

i have or rather given to me(bull shop) two 50 pcs of (?)300gr paper patched and (?)300gr powder coating to use.

i used 286gr prvi sp to fire form a 8x57 to a 9.3x57. i was using imr 4895 in 38gr - 45gr. i can't remember, but around 44.0gr, you know when you would pull the trigger!!! the recoil is noticeable but manageable.


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Who is your gas check source? I've got an NEI mould for my 9.3x62, still need to pick up gas checks.


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i usually pick them up locally, but here's a source



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MEASURE YOUR GAS CHECK SHANK DIAMETER. Some mould makers cut for 35 caliber shanks, others cut for 375 caliber shanks. Gator may be one of those who developed or got on board with a proprietary-for-9.3mm gas check. FYI.

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In a moment of trading euphoria at my shoot this weekend I now have a 9.3x57. It left here with my gun smith friend to resolve a couple of issues and get a thorough inspection.

Light, slender, and graceful, with two folding leaf rear sights and a bead on a ramp up front. Double set triggers and some modest engraving. The guy I got it from jeweled the bolt and bolt release. That seems out of place some how and I am having it removed and cold blued. The white line spacers under the butt plate and grip cap are doomed to removal also.

The rifle came with some loaded cast rounds, brass, more bullets, and dies. I frankly have no good explanation for why I got it. Also bought a Gewehr 91. These shoot always have a bunch of associated show and tell, buying, selling, giving away, and trading among the relatively small number of attendees.


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oh no!!!!! another 9.3er is brought into the fold!!!!!!!

targets will quiver and deer( or elk, bear, moose....) will shake knowing that their lives are forfeit!!!!!

great rifle, esp with the double set triggers!!!!!!!