Any Guy Loverin fans out there ?

I have the noe 266469 on and cast of range scrap at .270 it shoots decent at 60 yards from my '96.groups at 1" are common and good nuff for plinking.


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I shot a few in 7mm , I think that NOE 270-140 is in my stash .
The 7×57 didn't shoot anything very well and Guy's were the worst examples . I didn't get back past the Lee 130 in the 7×6.8 , not a true example but of the type . The NOE example won't fit in the WM yet but it's fun to shoot with a paper patched 260-120 over 15 gr of Unique . Very flat shooting and quiet actually ....... No idea how fast it's going .
Back on track I still have a couple 100 from the 7mm request for assorted bullets before buying a mould . I have a 7×57 in a brand new barrel so maybe they will shoot there .


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One other Loverin bullet I have made use of slipped my mind entirely--#366408. This one is a plain-base design that someone in 2002 sent me samples of right after I bought the 9.3 x 62/CZ-550. The bullets shot VERY well at 1250-1400 FPS; if I could find a mould of this pattern I would buy it at any fair price. That thick base band design element is a winner for me, whether the bullet is meant for handgun or rifle. With the "discovery" of the 9.3 x 62 by American shooters, I am a little surprised that Lyman hasn't re-intro'ed the design.


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I shoot the Loverin design bullet 311467 GC (approx. 185 grains) in my 30-30 CPA over 15.5 grains of 2400. I believe that the speed is about 1550 fps. They are sized .310 and lubed with NOE 50/50. This load has proved to be accurate is my CPA as well as my 1903-A3. I have shot this load successfully to 500 yards. The 30-06 likes 17.8 grains of 2400. I do plan continue testing with this bullet in the 30-06 with increased powder charges till the accuracy starts to deteriorate.