Anyone have a Wilson case trimmer?


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I was given some chambers for this kind of trimmer. Will post the
calibers if anyone responds.

Shipping only.



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See what others need, I think I have a case holder for all I shoot regularly.
Did you know some cartridges have a different holder for fired vs sized cases Bill?


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Uh, no. Wasn't even sure what a Wilson case trimmer looked like or how it
worked when I first ran across them. I have seen a photo of one now on the
web, so have an idea how it works. Never seen one in real life.
Just trying to find them a good home.

Here is what I have: Markings exactly as on the side of
the chambers:

*264-300-338 Winchester --.308 - 358 Norma --7mm Rem Mag

*22 & 6mm PPC

*B.R. Rem

*222 Remington

*225 Winchester

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I am fairly new here Bill talked to you before in old place. I'll send a message re 338 win mag. JIM

Charles Graff

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I have been using the Wilson trimmer since 1959. That the fastest, but it is the most precise. Two years ago, I finally sent the cutter back to be resharpened. I expect I won't need it done another time.