changed Mauser 98 rear sight to a 1902 Krag rear sight for windage options

Bruce Drake

well, I finally did it, I read an archived post on the Cast Boolits forum of a friend of mine who had modified a German 88 Commission rifle with a 1903 springfield rear sight to give him some windage capabilities on the old rifle. Considering the Germans carried that same thought process of non-adjustable rear sights forward for their Model 98 Mausers, I decided that in order to provide better windage capabilities, I would try to do the same for a FN Mauser with a tangent rear sight. The 88 Commission uses a different rear sight design than a 98 Mauser so I had to find a rifle with an adjustable rear sight that uses a sliding tangent bar and I found that with a 1902 model Kraq rear sight. I only had to narrow the rear sight a little bit with a metal file and open up the rear sight pin hole to match the Mauser sight base's wider diameter sight pin. I've got a roll pin on order from a part supply house but I put the sight together using a standard 10-32 nut and bolt temporarily for the trip to the range last night. 2MOA group at 100 yards unslung and elbows down on a hard benchtop and I was able to dial in it into the black on the second group fired courtesy of the new rear sight. The target is a photo copy of the repair center for a NRA National Match 200yard center reduced for 100 yards.

Cartridge: 8mm-06
Bullet: 165gr Louverin RN (Ideal Mold) and Gaschecked
Sized" .325"
Lube - X-lox from White Label Lubes
Brass - reformed Remington 30-06
Primers - Winchester LR Standard Primers
Powder - 59.5gr of WC-860
Velocity - ~2100fps



Redlands, Kalifornistan
I looked on quietly at your FB discussion with Rick T. concerning this project. Well-executed and practical, and that 8 x 63 is a GREAT hunting caliber.

L Ross

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Neat idea. I really like my old Commission rifle. I really don't like the sights. Same thing with a 95 Chileno 7x57, hate the sights. How can a front barley corn look like it bends to the right anyway?