Digital Scales


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I let the Chargemaster do 100% of all trickling and it does a right fine job of it. I bought the Chargemaster specifically for SR4759 but it wasn't long before I was using it for all powders.
Amen to this. I agree with Rick 100%


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I went crazy about 18-20 years ago and bought a expensive lab digital
scale with one of the scales being grains. It stays on 24/7 with the display
turned off, keeps the bridges at constant temp, ready to be accurate whenever
I want it. If I turn it off, takes about 5 -7 minutes to be totally stable, so I
quit turning it off about a decade back. I am a cheapskate most of the time,
so me springing for the $460 that this cost was a real stretch, but a friend had
had this same model, under advise of a microscope and scale sales person who
was a customer of his (he repairs and rebuilds microscopes). He used it, and I
used his occasionally for about 10 yrs, then I bought one. One of the better expenditures
I have made. Truly pro lab grade, designed to live forever. With 24/7 on,
it never drifts, just sits there. Turn on the display, even tho it shows zero,I
usually hit the zero button anyway, and start weighing.

My Chargemaster scale seems quite good, again takes 5 min to stabilize, so I
leave it on. Verify calibration with weights every week or so. Zero at each
use, of course.
Cross checking between the two shows that they match to the extent of their
readouts, 0.1 gr.

Bought a $25 tiny Chinese thing..... crap, crap, crap.

I bought a Lyman electronic scale years a go. I used it a fair bit. One day after I put it away I just never picked it up again, that was maybe 10 years ago. I used it recently to compare with my RCBS Chargemaster, was surprised that it still functions. I like the C'master better so I will probably retire the Lyman permanently.


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I've got an old PACT that I have used for God knows how long.
Always matched my RCBS beam scale.
Does use batteries, A/C transformer only


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I use a Frankfort arsenal from Midway Very good scale for the price.
It will read right on at .1 grain but the only situation is if it seems to go wonky all of a sudden you need to restart it!
This is not a big deal! If you are throwing a load with a .1 grain for awhile then all of a sudden it goes way off just restart it! It is basic common sense!
It is very accurate if you keep your mind attended !


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My FA goes full-retard after about 15-20 minutes too. I think the battery draw gets below the minimum function voltage and power cycling gives the batteries a chance to stabilize. It gets worse/more frequent as the batteries wear out. That's why I only use if for weighing bullets, or for double-checking a new beam scale setting to ensure that I myself didn't go full-retard and be off by a factor of 10 (caught myself once before doing that, cannot trust myself again!)