Give me a shoulder,I'm taking it.


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Haven't had to track a critter in nearly 40 years and that wasn't too taxing, as I was on horseback. I was in Tehachapi between Lone Tree and Jawbone canyons.
I know Al will be familiar with that location.


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Lone tree. And jawbone. Is that D-6 ?
Last time I hunted there was in 85? 86 had a big fire and no hunting.
I got three deer with a bow over as many years in D-6. Never got a shot with rifle in probably 7 years.
Neck shot one laying down. He thought he was hidden. He didn't move an inch, just drt. I was holding still, waiting for it to take off but....
The longest I've tracked a deer, at least two hours. 150 yards? With my 270, & a 130 gr. Barns tsx. No blood trail. Only found a few drops. It was a perfect shot. The heart was mush, and both lungs. Like a bomb went off.
From now on I'm using What ever will make two good holes.
And, sorry no videos. Not even on a good day could I moon walk. That other stuff, maybe for Kim basinger? Well, she'd probably laugh too.


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I know that area well, but never drew a tag for it. While we lived in Ridgecrest I drew for D-8 (Kern Plateau, west of the crest and north of SR-178) for 5 years. Good country, lots of deer, but the season was early and missed the rut entirely.


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I know a guy likes to say “Show me a good tracker and I’ll show you a bad shot”.

I have tracked only a couple deer very far and both were poorly shot.


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Imagine the fastest twisting back road you've ever been on.....

Now,also imagine being on that rd in a stupid fast sports car.... say a Porsche Carrera?

Got it? Now,all of a sudden something comes up in your rear view so fast it makes you think about what really matters in your life and you no longer get this thought process,just about started,and the apparition passes you like you're standing still.....

That,gentleman is the rd the bow shoot we got paid,show up money to attend today is on. Googlefoo rt 311,N out of Salem Va. Think 140 mph downhill sweepers,and we're picking noses,flicking buggers into oncoming lanes.


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This is just a side rd,off 311..... fantastic shoot. This is the youngest,actually "on course"..... and yes,this tourney sees us on a public rd.20190601_094010_resized.jpg


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That's 2nd gen.... here's dad,bought midway "running the table"... it's the whole age and treachery thing...20190601_094044_resized.jpg


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Epic battle for points on the "mountain course".... he came from behind on the last cpl targets FTW. This was the tune up,field target course( I took him to school) before the 3D. He got a 10,mine is an 8.20190601_103926_resized.jpg


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Think vision.....and this has a lot to do with cast bullets,albeit more from a gun handling standpoint.

Ever know a shooter(firearms) that really,oh how you say?......sucked at bench shooting for groups. But put him in the game fields and, "he don't miss"? Well,there's one clue.

My son failed miserably on the 2D NFAA field course because he sucks at shooting "paper"(the 10 in the pic above was his only,really good shot).... once the target became,3D..... his visual perception changes.

Ever notice how some pro baseball pitchers,stair at the spot on the catcher's glove then,during their "windup",look at the ground,then back at the spot? Call that clue 2.

Ever play basketball with your kids or friends and have one of those days where you could be chugging a coke in one hand and still make every shot...... yup,another clue.

My boys grew up literally sitting on the ground at big arse trad bow shoots watching "trick shooters"...... Howard Hill was gone but Stacy Grosscup and Byron Ferguson were very much alive and well. There's a play on words to "trick shot" that folks may not realize. There's more to hitting aspirin,or "busting nocks" than visual acuity and perception....... there's some tricks involved.

Same with shooting CB's with precision and accuracy. It's just that the BR community puts,what seems like,all their focus on equipment and don't know how to "process" the sport from a skill/vision position. Not selling anything..... just sort of explains why it isn't always the gun or load.

Part of the problem is how we do business..... it's dang near impossible to "sell" an idea or notion. We need a product,something tangible. People don't want to "have" to practice..... not when I can plunk down $$$ and buy,more acc


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went through this same scenario yesterday.
one of the guys at the club shows up and asks another member if he is still shooting a release trigger.
well yeah.
can I look at it.
umm yeah, what's going on.
well I'm starting to flinch and I think a release could help me out of that.

a few of us start to chuckle, and finally one guy pipes up.
how do you know your flinching?, you ain't shot more'n a box of shell through your gun in like 7 months,,, you might want to try focusing on the target.
well,,, I still want to try the release trigger.


If you and the deer both didn't see each other till then- you both had your heads up your arse.
I've made three shots that close; once with a .308 with 2x Leupold, once with a Krag with peep sight, and once with a .54 ml pistol. I almost stepped on the first one. I'd much rather get one this close than any other way- brings the rush to the hunt!