Let's talk suppressors.


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All I know about them is that I want one. I have some questions. Is there a "Do it all" can that can cover multiple calibers?
What are some good brands? Are there any pitfalls with them use cast? Will PC cast work better over conventional lube?
Guns I have right now that would be used with a can are.
Ruger American Ranch in 300 Blk
Ruger 22/45 pistol in .22LR
Ruger PC 9mm carbine.
I know there is a $200 tax stamp. How much will a decent can cost? Are the able to be taken apart to clean?
School me a bit on these things....


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I would strongly advise against shooting .22 rimfire in any suppressor not specifically designed for it. Reason involves cleaning. .22 is filthy, fills the can with lead in short order, and you will be cleaning it often. Most commercial rimfire cans made in the USA are designed to be easy to service. The SiCo Sparrow is definitely one to look at, as is the one Ruger makes. In NZ, you can buy a 3D-printed, plastic one for five bucks at the hardware store and throw it away when it gets full, but they consider gun mufflers to be mandatory for politeness, not a....well never mind.

Other than that, a good 9mm can like the Liberty Mystic X is tough to beat as a combination can for 9mm and 30-cal subs, and all the smaller stuff too. It will be spendy, upwards of a grand outfitted, but can be cleaned, weighs next to nothing, and is easy to adapt to fit any gun within its cartridge/pressure capabilities, including automatic handguns with the use of the recoil booster device.

If you just want cheap and cleanable, check out the guys down in El Paso, TX, called "Rebel Silencers". Pretty good stuff there. Get on their super-secret-squirrel email list and get the good deals.

I started PC'ing everything because I was sick of cleaning lead out of my center-fire suppressors (I made most of the ones I have and they can all be disassembled for scraping out and some internal parts run though the SS pin tumbler). GC/lubed cast does fine, but still will lead a little with time.

Your main concern is going to be deciding how you're going to do things on the legal end. Trust, corporation, or individual. Individual transfers are a legal headache for family and estates, but the easiest route to go up front, particularly since the federal requirement for an endorsement from local law enforcement for individual transfer has been removed by 41P legislation. Remember if you go that way that the items can be transferred to a trust or other legal entity at a later date, but the transfer fee is still $200 for each item, every time it gets a new owner, along with three sets of fingerprints, passport photos, yada yada. My advice is first spend money consulting with a good attorney in your state who specializes in NFA-related law and follow the advice you get. Make sure that they would be willing to be retained on your behalf should the need arise.
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Good advice. No body told me about trusts before I got mine.
And, once you get one, you'll wonder why didn't I get one sooner!


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Absolutely. Just do it. Be prepared to spend a lot of cash in the process, do a lot of reading legalese and remembering it so you don't end up inadvertently getting put in federal prison for 10 years, and be prepared to wait. And wait some more. The BATFE's firearms branch is about the size of your local Social Security office and processes paperwork for the whole country, so they are a little bit overwhelmed to say the least. Looking at nfa tracker it seems that Form 4 Trust transfers have come down from a year+ wait time to about 200 days. People who filed in December '17 are just now starting to get their paperwork back. If you screw up on the paperwork even a little bit, you get rejected and your tax money back, and get to go to the back of the line and do it again. Did I mention hire a lawyer to help you? :)


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There is some apparently serious movement towards making suppressors merely a 4473 item rather
that a Class III deal. Hope that it goes through, would make things a whole lot simpler.



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Don't hold your breath, too many people are and the whole industry is suffering because of it. The industry needs support to keep pushing the SHARE act, but it takes money to keep things afloat in the meantime. If a person wants an NFA item and lives in one of the 42 states that hasn't banned their ownership, it would be helpful to all of us if they didn't let the current process prevent them from owning one. If the act passes with most of its form intact, the NFA registry will cease to exist within a year, and all new cans will have the same 10% excise tax added to them that Title I firearms do, to offset the loss of revenue from transfer taxes and make the bill have a better flavor from a government standpoint. If you had a pending form when the bill passes, you get a refund and buy it immediately on a 4473 as added incentive for people to go ahead and apply for transfers whether the bill makes law or not. I see way too many people cheating themselves out of a lot of fun by making excuses. Fact is, you live here, here has regulations like it or not, so you might as well make the most of it.
I follow this pretty closely as I have become a bit of an amateur "stamp collector".

It will seem overwhelming at first, but once you go through it- it's not bad. Silencer Shop is your friend. Download the app. Find a local dealer that has the kiosk. That way it will handle fingerprints, etc. If you want to add someone from out of state to the trust, they just have to find a dealer with a kiosk or get prints and mail them in. A gun trust for multiple people, wife, brother, that one guy you know who you trust with your life and combination to your safe, etc. is about $100-125. And you are done. Remember, without this type of trust, if you are out fishing and your wife wants to go to the range- she can't take the suppressor.

Once you get the gun trust set up, you go to SilencerShop.com, find what you want, order it and fill out your Form 4 through their website. Pay an extra $5 and they will review it for you for completeness and kick back anything ATF will have an issue with. A month or so later, it gets transferred to your local dealer where it sits "in jail", but you have visitation rights.

Once you are in their system, they will handle everything. If you go to add a new item and your photo is expired (has to be less than a year old), they will alert you, open the app, take a "selfie" and you are done.

Unfortunately, wait times are still in the 8-12 month range. And the best way to handle the wait is by forgetting about it.

I have the Yankee Hill Machine Wraith that I use on my PCC with both 16" and 8.5" upper. Trust me, an AR pattered rifle, in 9mm, with an 8.5" bbl and a suppressor will go through a TON of ammo. A good 9mm can will handle 300 BO subsonic.

I also have a Yankee Hill Phantom for my AR in 223/5.56. I'm a fan of Yankee Hill as the QD mount they have is really good. The one for my 9mm is also a flash hider. The one for my 223 is a muzzle brake. So, if I shoot without the can, at least I have a brake on it.

I also have a Tac Sol rimfire can. And yes, a rimfire can is a different beast. It HAS to be able to be disassembled.

I shoot just jacketed through my 223 as I don't shoot enough to bother casting for that. If I want to shoot a lot of AR cheaply....I'll use the PCC. With that I shoot 147g powder coated and have done very well. 1.5-2" groups at 50 yards with an unmagnified red dot and AARP eyes. I tried Hi-tek and while the barrel didn't lead....the flash hider did. So, PC it is.

As to HPA or SHARE act. Forget it. Not going to happen. Completely dead. There was two times they were headed for votes and were making real traction. Congressional Baseball Shooting and Vegas Shooting. I'm not saying it was linked, but it's enough to make it a political deal killer for at least another year or two. All these people who say "I'm waiting for HPA or SHARE act so I don't have to wait for my stamp", could have had them for a year by now.

There is no "one can to rule them all". Anything that can handle rifle pressures is too heavy for pistol. My rimfire can is less than 6" long and about 1" in diameter. I can't imagine hanging my 223 can on the end of my Buckmark. There are SOME crossover. If you get a good .30 cal can, you can use that on 223 rifle, it just won't be as quiet.

It's about more than the size of the hole. Pressure has a lot to do with it, as does weight.
Likewise bit by the stamp bug recently & spent dough on Griffin Resistance 9 & YHM LT QD.
Twas not as complicated as I thought with my LGS taking care of form 4s, fingerprints & photo for free.
Made the promo deadline for free Griffin rifle conversion kit ($175 value + free cool hat) & my LGS matched the lowest online price for the Phantom with free shirt when I registered with YHM.
ATF cashed my checks a week or so later, & now the painstaking wait...
Likewise bit by the stamp bug recently & spent dough on Griffin Resistance 9 & YHM LT QD.
Twas not as complicated as I thought with my LGS taking care of form 4s, fingerprints & photo for free.
Made the promo deadline for free Griffin rifle conversion kit ($175 value + free cool hat) & my LGS matched the lowest online price for the Phantom with free shirt when I registered with YHM.
ATF cashed my checks a week or so later, & now the painstaking wait...
Dirt cheap direct thread 30cal made by RF in Stafford TX...$40 cheaper than the stamp...BUY NOW