Lyman 55 Powder Tube


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I have a few Lyman55's & RCBS Uniflows on my reloading bench. One of my older Lyman 55's tube is very eroded from powder ( BullsEye) while my other 3 are just fine. One of my RCBS tubes looks like it may be a Polycarbontate tube replacement & is Crystal clear!
Is there anyone out there selling Powder measure Powder tube replacement that are not affected by the powder?


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Yep, there was a thread on it recently. Someone is making them out of glass but I don't remember who. Fiver will remember.
If I remember correctly the person selling them was out of Minneapolis Minnesota? I looked but cant find the thread. This does nothing to solve your current problem but Lyman sells replacements as well as a longer tube. The cost is pretty reasonable.


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The Uniflow plastic is the worst I've seen for powder melting. So far I've killed two of them. The Lee measures will store Titegroup for months with no damage, go figure.


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I'm not sure if my uniflo ones have been altered but the 3 of them are crystal clear& one looks like it has a heavy and thicker polycarbonate bin.
The worst I have is my oldest 55 and of course that has bullseye in it
There is a nice thick layer of powder glued to it so I think I need a fix
Will check out that thread


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Look good to me
I'm thinking one of my uniflo s that I bought used is wearing one of those

BTW what plastic doesn't get eaten up by powder? Acrylic , polycarbonate or other?


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For those with a lathe......these look like a real bargain. Turn an aluminum
adapter, cut a groove for an o-ring, slide the glass tube down into the o-ring,
make an aluminum lid, with another o-ring of you want it secure.

RCBS Unifolow uses a 2.25 OD hopper, Lyman 55 uses a 2.00 OD hopper. Either
should be OK with these, and you can make them have greater capacity very

I think I will be ordering a couple of the 2.25 OD ones 6" long for my two Uniflows
which have some powder sticking issues. I imagine RCBS would send me a new
hopper if I asked, but I think a nice clear glass replacement would be better.

Hmm. They say 'Min Order $45' but that is located just after "We can deliver any size Pyrex
tube to your specifications" - I am hoping that min is for non-standard items. If not,
maybe a group buy would be in order. Five of the 2. 25 OD x6" tubes would hit that
$45 min.

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WOW!! That's a fraction of the cost of buying them from Dramworx. Of course there are subtle differences but for just the Pyrex tube the cost difference is significant. Group buy indeed.


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I also found a few sites on google where you can buy acrylic & Polycarbonate tubes The trouble is you got to know how to fit them.
At least Dramworx has that down pat.