Molds, Dies & grips for sale

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The following are for sale, shipping not included.

  • SAECO #053 WC mold (38/357) $40.00 DSCN0154.JPGDSCN0155.JPGDSCN0156.JPG
  • Additional information on the SAECO #053 mold. That iron, 2 cavity, 38/357 Wadcutter mold has a single lube groove, a crimp groove and a button nose. While it shoots well, I have fought with it leading the bore a little in S&W and Ruger revolvers. I’ve attempted sizing it to larger dimensions, altering the alloy and played with the charge weight without success. I’m confident that the issue is a bullet lube issue and not a bullet issue but I do not want to change bullet lube for just one type of bullet in my lineup when everything else is working well. It might be a good candidate for someone who powder coats.

    The mold is in excellent condition but it just sits on my shelf. I’d like to see someone put it to good use.

    So, I’m dropping the price to $40.00 which is way below what I paid for it.

  • Pachmayr J-frame RB SJ-C rubber grip $21.00DSCN0161.JPG

  • Pachmayr K-frame RB SK-GR rubber grip $20.00 DSCN0160.JPG

  • RCBS Carbide sizer die 40 S&W $20.00 DSCN0171.JPG
Payment by check or money order only - No Paypal, or electronic payments.
More photos available on request. The dies are being sold because they are duplicates and I do not need them. They are all in excellent condition.
Will ship via USPS, shipping is not included in prices but I'll seek the lowest cost for shipping.
Thank You.
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