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California's Central Coast Amid The Insanity
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Redlands, Kalifornistan
Oh my.....

A cpl years ago wifey sweet talks me into going to this "hip" outdoor theater for a concert. Now,considering back in the day.... I'd seen them all,Stones.. Led Zeppelin.. yada, yada. Going with her was already getting a little tough to accept. But went,against better judgment.

Can't remember who we saw,was some new popular duo.... Woods bros? Anyway,the place sold beer and wifey was buying....

I swear,never seen so many "wannabe" hippies of the...... "oh,we were there but didn't inhale" ,graying and wrinkled tie died folks in one spot. Sort of like fake tattoos and R.U.B.'s (rich urban bikers).

Have another beer,was pretty much the only way to deal with it on my end? Felt a little sorry for the guys in the band too..... they couldn't drink,doh.
You were in Laguna Beach. I am sure of it.


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Franklin co. Va. ,besides their "hook" of being the #1 moonshine county in the U.S. was, around the early 70's a repository for hippies that survived Woodstock..... heck,there was a movie "Lawless" a few years ago attempting to highlight the area back during prohibition.The BRP(Blue Ridge pkwy) bout cuts it down the center and is a M/C mecca. No cell service,no nuthin but twisting mnt rds that will make or break a sportbike pilot.

Reckon the tie dyed transients found the climate and privacy and the longstanding SSS policies indigenous to area,agreeable? Don't know? as my time there is usually 3rd gear @40+ degrees of lean.....

That is a partial glimpse.... in reality it's much worse.... or better,depending on your perspective?