Powder coat varieties


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I have a bunch of Glass silos from Dram works! They are the best! RCBS and Lyman 55's! I'm lazy I will not dump powders I use every week!
Unique, American Select , Red Dot & Bullseye are always full!

Tomme boy

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Like Ian said. Cure the powder correctly and it will not matter. I use every powder that Walter showed in that list. The only time I had problems was when I did not cook them long or hot enough. Once that was figured out it has not been an issue. I just pulled a couple bullets in my 9mm a few weeks ago to check them. These were loaded with titegroup. Nether had any powder stuck to the bullet or clumping. These were loaded 3 years ago.


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BE and LS are in my stock, so just dropped several bullets into a jar with some 5744 just to see. Has anyone tested Power Pistol?
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I'd be interested in what Power Pistol does.
I don't have any to test, but I would by some if there was no reaction.
I bought thebBE-86 to use in the 10mm, but it seems to react with PC

Rick H

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Power Pistol does.
I tested my blend of Smokes Copper with a bit of HF red (added trying to get rid of it) with Power Pistol as I use it for my 38sp factory duplication practice loads. A month in a pill bottle submerged in powder did absolutely nothing. My ammo boxes hold 38sp ammo bullet down the partitions are not wide enough to take the rims. The ammo functions just fine with no noticeable difference in accuracy after a year and a half stored nose down. Your use may vary but I am convinced it is much ado about nothing.