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Not an equal amount. Maybe substitute trans lube for 1/4 of the Vaseline. Might have to add a tablespoon of Dexron III to even out the viscosity.

Engine assembly lube is either zinc oxide #1 grease (the Lubriplate garbage in a tube that people seem to think is somehow good for engine bearings) ora thick mix of oil, polybutene, and ZDDP. Designed to prevent galling of new parts under extreme pressure during initial startup and to stay in place and not run off until then, these engine lubes are very different from the transmission assembly products. Transmission lubes do not have any grease thickeners or stringy polybutene in them at all as they must melt and become invisible in the atf without plugging filters or contaminating the friction plates. Think of it as very thick, sticky Vaseline that us thick by virtue of long carbon chains and not gellants or solid additives. The main purpose of tranny lube is to stick parts like thrust washers and Torrington bearings in place like glue and protect lip seals during installation. It also lubes Teflon and brass sealing rings during initial startup and somewhat protects bearings, bushings, and sprags against corrosion. Typically tranny lube is dyed to differentiate it from atf in the event some external residue melts and runs and is noticed after the test drive. Two grades of tranny lube are available in the Trans-Jel brand for different shop temperatures.
Yup, that's exactly what I thought :rofl:

On a more serious side, thanks Ian. It would have taken me a week to come up with all that.