Suppressor Suggestions....


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Probably a copy of the turbine one that generates virtually no backpressure. Sig copycats everything.


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I read that BS too Bill. I read richter and they talked about not just suppressing sound but muzzle flash too. Makes me think someone who doesn't know much confused a flash hider with a suppressor.
A suppressor with no outer tube doesn't contain gas real well now does it?


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A suppressor is a REALLY GREAT flash suppressor. But tube? It will be interesting to
see. Apparently the issue has been shortening the barrels of AR variants so much causes
gas system issues, then raising the pressure of the ammo to try to gain back lost performance
also causes gas system issues, then lots of full auto - more gas system issues. Add on a
suppressore - more problems, so apparently they are breaking parts and looking for an
integrated upper unit with suppressor and all designed together for M855 ammo to be
more reliable in the suppressed full auto mode.

I want to see a "no tube" suppressor.



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I saw some work a few yr ago on an AK I think . I know apples and coconuts . The barrel , suppressor , and gas block were a complete single assy . Seems like a cooling rib shrouded suppressor coupled to a barrel nut with an indexed gas port to a tube stub through a grooved washer . 10-15° should line up a 6 port nut . Viola' a no outter tube suppressor of reduced weight and better noise control and lower back pressure making a more rigid barrel .


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From a mechanics view .
Rather than a hard tube on a fixed gas block you have say a .3 dome into a a fixed inside tube that fits to the selected gas port on the muzzle end . On the action is fitted a washer with a short tube into the bolt with a .100 by .300 curved oval on the face facing the barrel nut which is also the rear of the suppressor tube and forms the fore end and outer shell . That forms a rigid tube around the barrel and fixed gas porting for function . Past the gas at a point the barrel is back bored and ported giving way to a baffle set. For the last 2" let's say . The outer shell is double wall and is in fact both the hand guard and case. Applied to a 10" pistol barrel you get a 12-14" and suppressor assy with a huge first chamber and huge pressure bleed off before the bullet gets to the baffle .

The above is grossly over simplified for visualization and generic cut away .


The Griffin Rev 9 is an excellent choice because it is highly configurable, extremely tough (9" BLK supers, FA 9mm), inexpensive, top rated for dB reduction, and not too expensive. The quick-detach mount means you can buy muzzle devices for anything you want to suppress and just swap it around.

If you want to use it on a pistol with Browning-type delayed-blowback action, you will need a linear decoupler.
Current Griffin cans already include piston assembly & you will need a spacer for fixed barreled pistol calibers. Just pulled the trigger on a 9mm can when they ran a promo for Revo & Resistance that include minimalist blast shield & taper mount brake for rifle conversion up to 20" .308Win though not auto-rated. Priced right the wait...
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