The Leupold comes home.


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About a month ago, I sent a Leupold Vari-X II , 1 - 4 X variable , duplex reticle to Leupold for cleaning.

The scope worked fine, but over the years, the optics had become " milky " looking. I just figured it needed cleaning. My scope came home today ! !

WOW...........Am I impressed.

I basically have a brand new scope. They did a lot more ( without me asking them to ) to my scope than I expected.
Total fee for the work completed.............$ 000.00



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That's nice to see a warranty that means something.
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I have 2 scopes I need to send to them.
both vari 2X-C's.
I just have a hard time letting them go I have been using them since the 90's, and have kind of got attached to them, wavy edge yellowed lenses and all.


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Glad she came home, Ben.

The yellow hue plays tricks with my eyes so have never been a luppy fan. Prefer blue or red hue for my eyes.


I bought a 6x Leupold in 1977 in Kodiak and was goat hunting near Sitka in 1987 and fell on a large moss-covered boulder and whacked the Leupold good.

The objective was dented and the eyepiece was bent down at a pretty good angle.

I sent it to Leupold with a note asking that they repair the scope.

They sent me a bill for $65 which I was happy to pay. Then they sent me a brand new scope. What a nice surprise that was!

When I was growing up the feeling was, if you were a normal working stiff you bought a Weaver, if you had a good job you could probably afford a Redfield, and if you were wealthy you had Leupolds.

Well, I’m not wealthy, and I’ve got Leupolds ;) They have sure served me well over the years.


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Have several Leupold scopes and happy with all. However, had to send a low power variable (1 X 5) with an illuminated German post recticle back to them about four times before they got it right. The issue was the dial settings for the illumination, they didn't have positive click stops. Under warranty, of course.