This little girl is amazing!!


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Concepts like that are a mite difficult to understand. Our most petite daughter (5'2", 115#) manages the 9mm, the 40 S&W, and 45 ACP quite deftly. Her favorite? Glock 19, loaded with Speer Lawman 124 grain GDs (+P).


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Cheers for her and the others, run a mag full for me. The .40SW in anything but a low-profile Glock is miserable for me, takes all the fun out of it when each shot feels like electrified piano wire being jammed throughthe wrist. The last one I had went down the road recently, good riddance. When you abuse your hands 50 hours a week for decades to make a living you don't want things that hurt you when it's time to clang some steel. I shot full-power 230 ball or cast for IDPA because of Gung Ho and never wanting to be questioned about power factor, but even that wore on me after a while. That girl is doing very well and should be proud, especially the 10mm which is pretty tough for a kid to even hold up properly much less hang on to.

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Only ever owned one .40 S&W , an early Kahr in stainless . No issue with the .40 but I didn't like the trigger worth a damn so I got rid of it . I shot the Triton 135's mostly but did shoot a few boxes of the heavies with no issues . Should have bought a 1911 in .40 instead , I'd still have it if I had.


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I have a springfield xdm in 40 and it is not bad at all, now my Shield on the other hand, is pretty heavy on the recoil. I actually like to shoot my springfield.