Wasn't a cast bullet but...


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[KIDDING]There you go shootin' yer backyard pets again (shakes head)....[/KIDDING]

Congrats on that, I can tell by your grin you did just exactly what you got up early to do.
Thanks guys. I'm fortunate to have this place to hunt, been hunting it for years. There were probably 40 birds in the field yesterday, 60 acre Creek bottom field that draws them like a magnet.
Spring has sprung, although we keep getting a cold blast every week or so.
I haven't measured it, at least 9, maybe a bit more. I was surprised he was that heavy, I have killed several with longer beards that didn't weigh any more than that. I think when the beard gets 12 inches long in this country they drag and break the ends off on our rocks. That's the theory anyway.


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Really nice bird. Biggest I ever shot was 25+ pounds. here it's hard to get a beard over 8"... our story is that they wear off dragging the snow. You have to work him with the call or did he come in easy?
He came in easy, was a bit surprised he came my way because there were 40 birds on down the field 3 or 4 hundred yards. I did have a decoy out and had called a little. Maybe he figured the 3 or 4 big Toms with the others he didn't have a chance with those hens.


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I can't believe all the green grass. Still snow covered here, but the forecast is for warm weather by the weekend. Had a customer from Al. call me and he said he killed a moccasin two days ago checking beaver traps. I suppose Ian is running around in shorts and t-shirt already.


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Nope, Ian wear a sweatshirt and down vest when it gets below 70. It got down to 60 once and he almost died of hypothermia.


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If you have holes in yer boots the BS gets in and feels squishy between the toes, not good!

Something else that's often misunderstood is the belt buckle. If a guy is wearing a dinner plate on his front side, he's either going to a ball or is a poser, because it only takes one time getting your rope caught in one and get jerked off your mount by the waist to end that nonesense... if it doesn't break your back.