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    I am not saying this to just be contentious, but YES, a 1911 headspaces on the case mouth.

    Take a case, and hook it under the extractor of the dismounted slide, and start sliding feeler gauges under the
    head, between the breech face and case head if you want to see the ridiculousness of the often claimed
    "1911s headspace on the extractor" story. Measure a couple hundred 1911 cases, you will find none short
    enough, even with a massive crimp, to get to the extractor when chambered. I will allow for
    the possiblity, because I have not actually tried this - PERHAPS you can put enough roll crimp
    on a case to shorten it enough to get to the extractor, but I am quite doubtful. Even a
    very tight TC and very short case is nowhere near getting there.

    Most 1911swill have .030 or 0.40 or even more when held fwd against the extractor. You will never find a case short
    enough or crimped enough to push in anywhere near that far, no matter what kind of insane crimp you may try.
    If you put in the bbl, slide still dismouted and pry a case forward. You will never get anywhere near the extractor
    with the front of the rim, with a loaded round in the chamber and bbl locked in place. I have checked this on
    four or five 1911s, then got bored and stopped bothering. A few had as tight as about .025, but some seemed (without
    the feeler gauges) to be closer to .060.

    This is just an old gun writer's tale, oft repeated, rarely checked out, it would seem.

    The good news is that a 1911 firing pin will literally come more than 1/2" out of the breech face, so no matter
    WHERE that case is, the FP will find it.

    1911s headspace on the case mouth, just like all other rimless semiautos.

    Yes, 358156 - this is why I always say, "taper crimp as a separate step".

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