38 super dies


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I just bought a set of Hornadys cause its all I could find besides 200$ Reddings and 45$ LEE...

But I did grab a LEE UNDERSIZED 38 acp die as my Colt has a very tight chamber.

I have tried the LEE doe and it sizes properly. I just received the Hornady dies tonight. So haven't tried them yet.



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I've got a set (not saying I can find them) and no matching gun. If you haven't found any by Wednesday, I can check when I go back to the old place to mow. Probably not carbide.


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My 1 and only hornady is9mm,,and i expand my necks alot,,use a photoshop expander,,,that bushing is made for 9mm jacketed blaster stuff,not cast.


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No luck finding my 38 Super dies, must have loaned them out. I checked a couple of the LGS down there that frequently have used dies, no luck.


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You might hit up Hornsurgen over there . He seems to have a warehouse of dies and has been selling them off 30-40 sets/mo . If I recall he actually bought a whole stock of a place that closed up . He has offered lots of exotic dies and standards as he sorts through them but has been willing to look for a particular die or set .


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I have a 3-die set of RCBS 38 super dies with the old steel sizer. $45 shipped. I also have a NOS RCBS Carbide sizer I could include for $20 gmsharps
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