A little project I did back in 2003


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Well I have been finally organizing all our digital photos we have of the family, events and critter pictures along with hundreds of Old Family scans and putting them into their respective Catalogs and albums In Easily accessible digital form.

I came across some of an interesting project I did that I thought some of you would like.

I was a Revolutionary War re-enactor for 25 years Ended that in 2014 because the new recruits were getting rude and refused to follow orders and always were upset on who was put in command of the events. Blame that on Social media and the internet! Everyone knew ahead of time who the commander of the events were to be! Talk about destroying a great hobby.

Anyway around 2002 I was promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant In our Company. We Portrayed Captain Anthony Selin's Company, The 2nd Company of Major De Ottendorff's Corps.
Both of those great men came across from Europe along with Lafayette for fight for America's Freedom!

Also at the same time I started volunteering at a small Pennsylvania Historical Society museum just north of me. Well the gave me a cabin on their woodland trail and I turned it into an18th century Gun Shop. At That museum I met a great old blacksmith , Mr Swenson. He used to take care of the blacksmithing needs for the Lipizzaner Stallions when he was young.

When he came to America He made his living as a Blacksmith and he also was a metal artist and sold many of his forged arts.

I guess he liked me because I was "Old School" and always visited my museum gun shop during museum off hours before the public came in. He thought me a lot about blacksmithing in a short time and I got a small forge and made tools with it for the gun shop. He was impressed that I was working tool steel while he still worked wrought iron.

Anyway, Being elevated to position of Lieutenant I needed a Hunting sword Which I set up on to make in 2003!
These are photos of the results. My first cutting blade. Hilt is forged Iron along with Copper and Brass & Tiger Stripe maple
Blade was forged from an industrial machines hacksaw blade
Sword ViewA.jpg
Sword ViewB.jpg
Sword ViewC.jpg
Sword ViewD.jpg

Rick H

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That is just gorgeous. It is hard for me to imagine taking something like that into combat. Folks were made of tougher stuff when you stood toe to toe and hacked at each other.


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One of the main uses of it (And most any Military swords) was to Direct your troops or to show an advance or withdrawal.
Also as a peace offering in the case of a surrender.
The 18th Century military was heavily tied & Bonded to Traditions & Pomp and Circumstance Also it showed that one was a commissioned offcer


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At first My thinker said, "That is the fanciest spigot bayonet I have ever seen".
You certainly are a well equipped line officer. That blade would be a hard on to surrender.
This is a photo of me and our company Captain Selin's Company ( I'm on the left, sword in my hand...my command that event) For Rev War shaved faces were a must....no beards in that war! That meant every event I had to shave clean...that tells me I loved that hobby and that time In history!
Our company ranged in size depending on the driving distance and Importance of the events This event I had a small group Most events we could field 15 men. This event was in Rockford, PA in 2007 At this event I had the honor of being field commander of all the Light Infantry present. That is why I'm not carrying a firelock.

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Polite group of men, they even have flash guard on the pan to divert the jet from the flash hole,
I finally added them to my rifles to get others to stop bitching


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Wow, Jim, the face of the third guy from the right -- to the left of the tall guy -- looks a lot like my deceased father.

Flashbacks, man!


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That Is Willy B; He was a great re-enactor Historically in Captain Selin's Company there were many German settlers.
We did an annual event at Fort Washington, PA once and after setting up camp on Friday we went across the street to a local watering hole.
We went up to the bar and sat down. We placed our drink order and Willy pretended he only spoke German much to the chagrin of the bartender!
We dried to describe to him what Willy was asking for in English. He stayed in character all night!
Below another photo from that Event I turned into Art. BTW the Big guy Turned traitor and joined a Hessian unit
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