Brass 410s .


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I snagged 100+ brass ...... Right I know , big deal .....
40 pieces of 45-70 Win and a hoge poge of 6? 303 PPU/NNY and something else . Bear with me .

Obviously the 45-70 is going to stay 45-70 although there has been a thoughtful possible thing there .

The 303 is the focus a portion of which is Berdan primed . I successfully converted 60-75 NNY x39s during the BO drought . There just wasn't any to be had and I figured if it held 3-4 cycles it was a success .
Basically I just used a 1/16" drill in a 5/16 rod with the case neck as a guide , drilled far enough to weaken the post , and ran them through the sizer and decapped as a boxer . Then I peened and swaged the pocket for an LRP .
5 loads at 35-40kpsi and setting loaded again .

I call it a win .

Moving along in the theme of the 45-08 sort of .
I'm sure that I can repeat the x39 example if it's all NNY and the same primer . If they're not what do we collectively think about , with presumably enough head , cutting for 209s ?

Obviously I'll hold out for the .213-.218 dia Berdan and inside of 1-2 drills I'll know whether or not I want to proceed . I do know I don't want to do the epoxy or cold solder thing and if the peen and swage will hold past IMR 4350 cleaning up then it should hold up well with 410 pressures .


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.45-70 Gov't does not fit .410. Rim too thick and body diameter too large. Best to fire form 9.3x74R


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The 45-70 is for an 1895G , all I've had for it is a dab of WW and 125 PPU .

The 303 is for the 410s . I have to make a new replacement tool to drill for the Berdan anvils . Looks like they are the same .218 the x39 was . So the anvil/ peen , and swage looks like a plan for those .


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I've got one of the Lee Enfields converted to a single shot "musket'. Finally got around to testing it, works fine to fireform 303s or Krag brass to a straight case. Not much of a shot payload for a longgun.

I've converted a few 303s from Berdan to Boxer, but never tried blowing them out. Your result will be interesting, hope the experiment goes well!