combining 2 colors to PC

Kevin Stenberg

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I have been experimenting with combining a second color when applying PC to bullets. And it seems to coat a little more evenly with less colorless spots. There doesn't seem to be a big difference. But my bullets seem to be colored more evenly.
In most cases i add so little of a second color, That there is very little color change. But the coverage change can be seen.


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I use a silver grey bumped with just enough HF red to make my coated bullets look pretty close to little Dr. Pepper cans.


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I also mix powders of different colors. I have a couple of powders that don’t work so well on their own (Eastwood Chrysler orange, and white gloss). I mix them with powders with good adherence, and the mix covers really well.


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We have mixed the last bits of colors we bought. Covers just as well and is certainly a color no ones sells.... Will keep adding to it as other colors get near gone.


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Most whites/light colors don't work well on their own but are great for blending and getting cool results. Often a little of a good powder will help a lot of a not-so-good powder behave better.
I sell a lot of PC that coats well by themselves and a few that are just for blending (unless you spray)
CW and several friends have tested All my PC


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Something else ya can do is accent colors.

I shoot a few special matches every year. I have done a couple thousand PINK bullets for one match that was a big hit. We had a 500 ct box as a affle and dont ya know it was among the biggest money makers for the charity!!

Another I did was zombie bullets.
I first coated in Kawasaki Green, then as they stood on the tray, using a eye dropper, I "puffed" gloss red on each nose of each bullet. Made a very nice effect!
These where exactly the same about 1000 made and 500 raffled off for the hose charity!
Sorry cant access pics here now.


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Inadvertently I have mixed powders as well it always is interesting to see what you come up with. I accidentally got some green and blue mixed together yesterday and it turned out really cool.


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Well this thread got me to experimenting. I have made up a few different colors. One is a blue grey thats ok it’s 50/50 blue clear, but I have found one I like tonight.

1.5tbsp clear-.5 tbsp green. I introduce you to Ninja Turtle green!!!!

Thanks for watching I’m out!


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@Spindrift, thank you. I have been paying more attention to my alloy temp and cadence, it has been a productive last 4 or 5 casting sessions on learning the more intricate details of the art to casting. My powder coating techniques have also came a long way in the last few weeks. I have gotten back in the swing of things and am better at it than I have ever been. I fell in love with that RCBS 45-200 SWC tonight it is a absolute pleasure to cast with. It just topped the night off when those bullets came out of the oven like that.