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dummkopf forgot to order my....er ,i mean his, yes, his patches for a flintlock cva hawkens 50 cal. :ROFLMAO: i have to order the patches because they are .015" and all i got locally are .020 to .025".

now i have to use a tc encore 50 cal inline for early ML doe season. when i went to a local gun store to buy pyrodex pellets and some 209 primers, i was in shock. $30 + up for a box 50/50 pyrodex pellets and $12 for cci 209 inline!!!!! the last time i bought pellet and primers it was $18 pellets and $3 or $4 primers. that was 10 or so years ago. as far as i concerned the pellets can sit there, i have 2 1/2lb of goex 2f. the primers, i have to buy tho they are expensive. i bought cci 209 because they were only one there!!!

anyway, i shot the encore open fiber optics sights at 50 yards. there was a (.429")255gr keith sabot and a 280gr wfn sabot with 70gr of 2f. they both go about a 1" at 50 yards(3 shots) and i decided to go with the 280gr wfn. i should have took my chrony just to see the fps.

i've got to get out more often.


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I have a little 36 cal cap lock that shoots really well with 30 grs of 3F, but it requires a .035 patch. In all my years I've found exactly 100 .035 patched and they were cut for 54 cal! Good thing I don't use it a lot.

Went to the local gunshop today while I was in town and managed to find some 303 Brit factory for Gord at $22 and I picked up some cheapy surplus 7.62x39 stuff that used to be $2.99 a box of 20 for $7.00. Better than a sharp stick in the eye I guess. Looked at a bag of once fired 45ACP- $50!!! 100 Hornady 303x150 gr bullets was almost $40! Thats just nuts. 22LR was limited to 40 gr Eley type stuff and 22WMR was all 40 gr FMJ. Forget that. Good thing I cast and reload. The owner was willing to have some surplus 30 Carbine stuff I found shipped to his place. Stupid NYS SAFE-Act!!!!

Oh, big sign by the door- "NO PRIMERS- NONE!- DON'T ASK!!!!!"


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...the front pockets in a pair of Wrangler jeans are cotton drill, and where not worn usually mic about .015"....