Edible? bullet lube


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I have used bacon grease for patch lube,in my Hawken before with great results. And made gravy from the same batch. So there ya go.

Course I never tried gravy as a lube. If I let my wife make it, it would be thick enough to use for high velocity. Of course to some it may not be considered edible. :)
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I seem to recall that a few years back some of the lipsticks and maybe some of the other face paint goop has/had lead in it.
Sooo, probably perfect for lube!


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the hardware store has little 2oz. pucks of 'ultra refined' bees wax.
it's for rubbing on nails and screws.

lip stick also has a high bees wax content.
I was thinking TSC might be a good place to look for some

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Those fancy white candles in churches are super refined beeswax. Maybe you can get someone to save the stubs for you. I got some after a wedding but we used them in candle lanterns for rendezvous.


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Find a beekeeper for a supply of beeswax, they are always looking for someone to buy their wax “in the rough”. A few “bees knees” don’t hurt a thing in your bullet lube, IME.
most shoe polish and shoe waterproofing is mostly beeswax also. Everything leather gets a coat at my house.