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John G

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Just wanted everyone to know about a generosity of one of the members here.
Bruno, well Marvin answered my Fourm request for WTB some 45 Auto Rim brass. Said he would trade for some 30-06 brass I have. Well with we’re back and forth with PM’s and it was looking like we had a deal. Marvin decided to pull out of the trade. Said that he was going to send me 200 rounds of this auto rim brass and if I would send him just the postage and no brass he’d be happy. Well this box arrived today and it contains 200 brand new R-P pieces.
I can’t let this stand, so I’m going to send the postage and a fair price for the brass. I’m going to use a USPS MO so Marvin will have to cash it or just give the money to the Government.
I know the Marvin has more AR brass so if you want some send him a PM and don’t let him give it to you. He’s just a nice guy.
John G


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Last winter I got a mfrb full for $45 , all RP , 510 pieces I think . Maybe it was only 460 .,...... It was pretty cheap even if it gives up after 2-3 cycles .