I like Receiver sights on Mil Surps


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Wonder how big most folk's group sizes would be if they shot for the record while people threw firecrackers, rocks and mudballs at them from hidden positions? Shooting under stress is a whole lot different from shooting undisturbed off a bench. That's why you read of shootings where dozens of shots are fired and few or none connect.
I don't remember those refinements from my basic training days, but it seems like it would be a good way to filter the true experts out on the firing line.


I love peeps on milsurps too, but only if they are already fitted, I cant see myself drilling an as issued rifle...


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I love peep sights. Have them on nearly all my levers, and working on making it all (have some new ones).

Kinda like Smokey. Been shot at twice. Once as a killed squirrel hunting/never knew where it came from. We were in a hollow and it was over our heads. Whomever it was may not even have known we were there, of coulda been someone trying to run us off.

Other time was deer hunting in the CA mnts. Guy that shot at me/deer trotting towards me (his buddy had run it up out of the canyon) KNEW I was there! He had waved to me as I walked out on the ridge. I heard his buddy, and deer, so waited to see if I could get a shot. The shooter was ~400 yards from me. Just before deer went by me at 10 yds, the guy shot. I stuck behind the tree for a min, just long enough to take a breath and get real calm. Next thing I know I have him in the crosshairs, centered on the Budweiser can in front of his chest, and I am taking the creep out of my 1 3/4 lb trigger. Fortunately I caught myself and stopped. He wasn't worth killing (but only barely), and probably never knew how close he was.


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Hmmm . . . just now found this thread.

While I would never drill and tap an ex-military rifle for receiver sights, I've owned several that some previous owner did so.

The sporterized '98 Krag was D&Td and I installed a Williams sight -- sold the rifle, kept the sight.
The 03A3 was sporterized and D&Td for both a receiver sight and a scope. I mounted a scope and shot it, that way, till I gathered all the parts to bring it back to its original military configuration.
The cut-down 1891 Argentine came with a Lyman 17A front sight and a Lyman rear that looks exactly like the one on Jim's rifle (an ancient 57?).

I scouterized the 1901 dated Swede with BadAce's no-gunsmithing scope base and mounted a long eye relief scope. So, while the rifle is scouterized it didn't necessitate any drilling and tapping.

While my eyes have a difficult time with Mauser sights, they've no complaints with the 03A3 and Garand's peeps, nor the Argentine's Lymans.


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Happily, with my fondness for Lee Enfields, the default setup is an aperture sight. And as the Brits and Commonwealth nations were bat shyte crazy about long range rifle competition for well over a century, for those who are looking, just between Parker Hale and A.J. Parker, there is no shortage of precision sights that will drop in to take the place of the issue aperture sights.

Shooting with good aperture sights is not really as hard as many seem to imagine it to be. Even when you're in the put out to pasture era of your life. The human eyeball is amazingly good at centering an object in the middle of a circle, or equal light around the aiming point. Really no different than open handgun sights. Despite having senior citizen eyes, my problem isn't seeing the aperture, the front sight, and the target. My problem is that I can't read the damned vernier scales on the sights, especially when prone and slung up. Feel like I need to stand up so I can hold the rifle away from me, so I can see well enough to crank in my windage or come ups.






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i like them too!!!!! i have a redfield aperture sight on my 91 argie. i like them so much i have them on a win m94 and soon rem m14.

krag and 98 mauser


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That is a nice "no excuse" sight !
For what they're selling for now - if and when you can find them - they're almost worth as much as the rifle it's on. And a pristine, unissued 1950 Long Branch No. 4 Mk1 is getting about $1000 these days.

I just closed a browser window that had a different Parker Hale, a No. 5, for sale for $525, if I remember correctly. I just didn't know anyone with a No. 4 Mk 1 who is a disciple of shooting service rifle competition with their rifle to refer it to. You certainly don't need a precision sight like that if all you're doing is shooting at 100 - 200 yards.


I have a 1944 Swede M96 that is one of 18000 made for civilian target shooting post war. It wears a Soderin peep sight, that I love. I'm yet to try cast bullets in it. I think it will be a low velocity affair though.


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My Krag sporter wears a Redfield 102K. I love it. My 44-40 single shot has a Redding shotgun peep, and my 94 win. wears a Redfield. I do much better with aperture sights than barrel sights.


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My Krag sporter has a peep from Western IIRC, replaces the magazine cutoff. My other Krag sporter will eventually have one.

But as far as I'm concerned the best milsurp/peep combo is the 1903A3. I'd swap my 1903 MkII project gun and a good as-issued Mauser (and throw in boot) for the right one. I always seem to miss the 03A3s, but can find a Mk I without half-trying.


I have a swede, one of 18000 made for civilian target shooting. It has a Soderin peep sight on it.....don't know much about it yet...but it's a beautiful rifle!