Looking for NEI SSK mold?


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Anyone have a NEI mold they would like to sell? I'm looking for a NEI mold to fill the need for a 358 bullet . There is a member that will make me a few bullets that I can send to a custom mold maker and make a clone. It might be that another member will have a similar mold and be looking to sell. Just asking. Thanks


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I have that mold 200 grain SSK and the 310 44 cal SSK. Did have two 41 molds 225, 275, and a 4 cavity 300 grain from J. D. Jones that I bought back in the 80’s. Anything Walt cut were good molds.
I sold the 41 molds a couple years ago for a good amount of money. As it turned out I sold cheap.
Point is if you find one it’s going to cost a bit unless you’re really lucky.


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Every NEI we have was / is always a winner. Our first was a ".464" to fill a fat chambered 1873 with a Buffington on it. Only bullet it would shoot half way accurate was the RN 500's pushed by a near caseful of 3F goex. But that ".464" drops at .463 (412 grains) with 40-1. Makes for a happy afternoon off cross sticks.

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You can do better than the old SSK design. I know of a bullet designed around the LBT LFN pattern with a more conventional lube groove design. Its been proven effective for medium game but you need a full length cylinder to load it, S&W 27s and such have short cylinders that prevent use of heavy bullets without deep seating them. I do understand wanting only an SSK bullet, but there are modern designs available if you're willing to change up a little.
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