Need recommendation for a new bullet sizer.


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That's the first. Part must be out of stock. As far a I know, they are still selling the all parts should be available. With the virus, who knows. I just recently rebuilt my LAM, this past Spring. Called RCBS and ordered the parts I needed. The threaded plunger rod and piston, plus the top cap for the reservoir. Hycar washer, also.


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I got my LAM cleaned and added new seals furnished byRCBS and loaded it with Carnuba Blue. I sized some 30 caliber bullets today and it worked great.

l have one issue. When I was disassembling it for cleaning I broke the threaded tube under the sizer. You can see I still have enough of it left to work with longer bullets but not pistol bullets unless I use a spacer but that would be a bear to install/remove each time I changed bullets.RCBS does not have them.
Any ideas??? Thanks
I think I might have one...if you confirm it's correct, it's yours.

Years ago, I got a box of parts which was advertised to be enough to build
three lyman 45 presses. There was a few 450 parts in there, and also a couple
parts I believe were for a RCBS, including the adjuster bolt shown below
and there is also a lube reservoir pressure nut that is way different than any
Lyman I ever see...and I think I've seen all of them?

It's 1.625" long. It looks unused.
It has a nasty burr on the threaded end, in the photos it's looks rounded,
but it sure feels sharp skin ripping sharp !
depth adjustment hollow bolt side 27AUG2021 500px.jpg

depth adjustment hollow bolt end II  27AUG2021 500px.jpg

depth adjustment hollow bolt end I  27AUG2021 500px.jpg

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I have not ordered parts for old Lyman lube-sizers lately, That last time the rep was able to tell about parts that would interchange between models. That;s then this is now. I have loaded several lead bullets in Lyman several models of Lyman lube-sizers. If I have crooked bullets I'd take a look at my top punch and sizing die. I curious how somebody could bend a Lyman sizer.

Added: I am using the Star extensively. Also added a custom die for my 44 caliber bullets. I keep the 4500's going due to having an assortment of Lyman dies and top punches. I use the Lyman's to set some gas checks. I'll add Star dies does along the way. I'll use what right for the job.
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