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I have been Updating/Grading LEE Molds lately. One a month.

First was the LEE 452-230 TC. It was bought cause I could not find a RCBS 45-225 cav mold. I was really taken with it. I found a few but they where either sold before I could buy or sold for far more then a realistic value. So I bought the LEE.
WOW WOW WOW!! I was impressed with the much improved quality of the mold as well as the larger meplat of this bullet.

Next was a 452-200RF a 45 Colt bullet. I bought this cause I bought a NOE 453-200 hp mold and wanted to use it in 45 Colt. But that bullet has no crimp groove. The LEE does.
Again, SUPER impressed with the quality of this mold too. Flat spure no burrs and cast like a dream right out of the box!!

Next was impulse buy when I saw a BrokeLoader video where he received some bullets from PCKIDD.
A 452-160 rf. A bullet I never knew LEE made! It us such a cute lil booger too!!! Able to be shot in the acp as well as the 45 COLT!! I received this mold and for a third time I was suprised and very pleased! The spure plate was dead flat and zero burrs where found. The mold cast beautifully.

Now today, I received a 312-1552R mold. Again it is a beautiful mold!! I cleaned and checked it then removed 4 of 6 gas checks from the cavities. Locking the tops after reaming only removed what I had upset. The spure plate was also and again PERFECT! I have cycled it twice while I was making the shelving unit. So. Ext good weather Ill cast with it.

Ooh also NO SHIRLEY STICKERS ON ANY!! Also some didnt have wrap stickers and ones that did had new adheasive that cane off EASY!!!


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I like mine. Bought a new 4-20 furnace last week and it is excellent with some nice improvements over my 15 year old model.

Was running low on 452-230TCs...


So I cast about 90 pounds of them and got about 40 pounds coated and sized...


Still about 7" to the bottom of the box...


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@Ian , those look darned good for "factory seconds!"

That's a great, no fuss, all ;round 45 ACP bullet too. A favorite, even though I don't do 45 anymore.
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last one I got in was inspected by number 2, it has some pretty bad burrs inside the cavities, should clean up, but anyway. Its a 429-240 TL 6 cav.


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I had a couple of MP molds arrive yesterday, no Shirley sticker, simply wrapped in the usual fashion and packaged/padded with newspaper, I don't think the woman in the add on the padding is Shirley, more like the Slovanian audition for the Sports Illustrates Swim Suit Edition. Just have to love European advertising