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I use 50/50 Lino/WW for my rifle bullets.
Sometimes straight Lino for 22 cal.
I hear "that is a waste of Lino or golly those are too hard."
They cast well and I have plenty of Lino.
There's the secret right there- you have plenty of lino. I've never even seen real linotype. I've mixed some up but never had access to any I knew for certain was the real deal. If ya got it, have at it!


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i was getting lino from our print shop for 1.50 picked up.
i couldn't bring myself to get very much, but i did trade 100 lbs. of it for two buckets of Berger Jackets.

i made the mistake of not buying that entire pallet of Lino Pigs for 65 cents a pound [the real sucky thing is they were touting them at 20 lb. pigs and i know full well they were 25's cause i weighed the one they made the mistake of using as their sample],,, i only got a couple hundred Lbs. of them and ended up swapping most of it off over the years.
i really wanted the drum of ww's they had there, and wasn't focused on the trade or selling possibilities of the Lino.


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I have a couple five gallon buckets of lino in type and spacer form. Who really knows the composition. I use it from time to time as a sweetener. Not very scientific.