Remington Rolling Block Sight - Military Action


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Does any one make a windage and elevation adjustable sight suitable for custom octagon barreled military action Remington Rolling Block with an octagon barrel that attaches to the rear of the barrel? Now when adjusting for range, that staff does not go up perpendicular to the bore and windage must be adjusted to compensate.

The problem to overcome is the military action has the tang is forged and not parallel to the bore. These had the rear sight placed on the barrel with no need for the tang to be controlled.

We can file a flat portion non the bore, shim the base on one side, or possibly find a sight like the Buffington sight for the 1894 Trapdoor. (There is one suggestion already, mill a flat bottom on the Buffington and use it.)

Any thoughts or expereince will be greatly appreciated.


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I fitted a Martini Cadet BSA sight, W&E adjustable onto a RB Model 1901 in 7MM. All the way down, made a front blade and zeroed at 100 yards. All the way up it got to 350 yards. You could make a aperture for one, I think. This has been "a little while ago" or maybe 25 years, take your choice.