StaBall 6.5 powder experience


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gotta chuckle... 35ish yrs go, stationed in Germany... Group of us hunted/shot together. Long story short, one of the guys was going to buy a passle of the 880 Dodge P/Us surplus, ship them to, I THINK, Rhodesia (can't recall exactly anymore...), we were going to deliver them, THEN take a 7-10 safari hunt.

GREAT plan/great bunch of guys. Then, JUST (THANKFULLY!) before the surplus purchase, Civil War broke out in our intended destination. ROI on the vehicles went way up - but we all agreed it was a B A D idea!

Being active duty, I can only IMAGINE the chaos/fallout had I taken leave to deliver surplus military vehicles to a warring country, only to intend to take a safari, and THEN got busted some way/shape or other! Oh, to be young again! (and, that is not my WORST active duty story/potential nightmare!)


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if that'd been my plan i'd have got everything there just fine then got robbed at the door step 3' away from delivery.