Turning 5.7 cases into bullets

Tomme boy

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They are not pretty. YET. I have them to a round flat nose right now. The way I am doing it now will be redone to a propper die set up later. I am just messing around trying to see what works. I am doing it with the way we made dies at a forging company I worked at. I use a pin that goes through the die to use as a knock out. So whatever the pin diameter is is what the flat point of the bullet is. I am using a pusher like what Lee uses to size bullets that goes in your ram to push the case into the die.

I am cutting the neck off in my lathe right now. I need to come up with something better as the length is all over the place.
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In high school me and a friend were hunting a South Texas Sendero. He had the idea of parking his truck at the top and using the hood for a rest. Sand bags and everything. We both shot 300WM because it made the jack rabbit sized deer more deader. The concussion from his first shot blew up the windshield of his pick up. And I am not talking about a little crack either. I guess he should have gotten farther away from the glass. Never did that again


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somewhere out there is a 68 Travelall with about 11-12 brand new pieces of Starline 45 Colt brass rolling around in the fenders.
did you know 45 colt brass would just barely squeeze down in the wind shield wiper vents?
well they will.


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The Hakim was THE rifle that imbedded my hate for muzzle brakes- that I still have….
The other night at 9pm I tried three of the Frankenstein bullets at 100 yards.
A 9” group!
The FiveSeven pistol at 20 yards kind of sucked,