What is your weather today?

Rick H

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We are getting rain. It has been pouring all night and they say it will continue all day. They have issued a flood warning for the area. Evidently hurricane Beryl is an angry gal and wants to drown us all. Temps are in the mid 70's.

We are not supposed to get the 4"+ that those down south got but I can assure you our sewer systems can't handle half that.


Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun
Well the rain has stopped finally.
Clear skies, 48* this morning with an expected high of 72*. Going to be a nice day!
But 75% chance of rain tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow, I’m going to enjoy today. No rain predicted for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


North Central Arkansas
Drying out from the 4" of rain, Beryl dropped. Sunny, with light winds and a forecasted high of 87 degrees. Currently, in the mid 70's. Back to the 90's, starting tomorrow. Humidity is supposed to be through the roof, over the weekend. So advisory's will be out.


Alaska Land of the Midnight Sun
Karyn and I were thinking about our Arkansas friends and kept an eye on the storm track. Was watching the wind which was coming down to reasonable storm winds, but knew you guys were going to get seriously wet. Glad to hear you didn’t have serious damage.