327 Fed Magnum is calling me


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Its such a blunt bullet and that GD has a deep HP and tapered nose.

I was surprised myself but looking “thru” the cases at impressions bullets left in brass.



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Paco Kelly said he could get this to shoot in the 1/20 Winchester 32 WCF's. It shoots fine, but slow, in my Browning Model 53. I would not be afraid to shoot little whitetails with this with a load of H110.


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Blue Dot powder.

I shot all my loadings today. Plus two boxes of 32 acp 71g ball.

Wow this things a shooter!! Even that 32 ball was squirrel head accurate out past 50’

My heavies where fine and hit 950 fps. But I only loaded five so no accuracy testing there.

I did Load up 20 with a 135g SWC cast bullet. Also with BD powder. These I was able to shoot for accuracy out to 50 yards. These hit 1150 fps.


Anyone recognize that bullet? I only have 50/60 pcs.

Real happy with accuracy and handling.



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Very Keith-like, whoever the maker might be. Accurate Molds' site would be the first place I would look, or maybe go to Mountain Molds' site and design one yourself on their software. (That was the route taken for the MMSFT spoken of above).


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I spoke with the guy I hot it from on CB board.
It IS a Accurate. 31-137 I think he said. I was looking and will be ordering a Accurate 31-135. Its designed for the Single Seven and has a pretty wide meplat like I like.

Here is my 150 (311440) this 135g SWC (Accurate 31-137) and a Factory 115g GD Speer.


In the second pic, you can make out where the bullet stops on all three. Its lil harder to see on the Speer 115 but its there if you expand the pic.



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They remind me of the 357 Max. pics from back in the 80's/90's you used to see in the magazines. If you can get 9-950 safely with a 150 and it shoots good groups you have a real trail gun there. I don't know what the muzzle blast is like, but 950 is going to be easier on the ears than the 1400fps stuff.

david s

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Can anyone comment on NOE's 312-151-RN-L5 (there copy of the Lyman 311440) mould? NOE's drawing seems to show a more round nose as opposed to the Lyman 311440 seemingly more flat pointed nose. Does anyone have this actual NOE mould ? Also does it cast to the listed diameter in your alloy? NOE has a couple of plain bases in stock but I'm thinking I want a flatter meplat. Dont want to make a hundred dollar mistake.


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Sorry David no. But I would suggest a call tomorrow. This company is GREAT TO DEAL WITH!!

Todays mail had the Redding taper Crimp die!! OMG I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! I have more than a few of them and its THE BEST 30$ one can spend if ya beed a good Cast Bullet “Crimp remover”! ;)

I just loaded 15 pcs to test. Every one slid in like it was greased. I ran the dummies thru that didnt feed so well... SLICKER THEN GOOSE GREASE!!