38-55 takes a late season doe


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Got a chance to get out this afternoon for the late doe season here in Kansas. Took the Marlin 336 that JES rebored to 38-55 for me a year or so ago. Load was 32-3031 under a home cast Accurate 38-250B, plain base, PC, about 12Bhn. 1600 fps in the carbine barrel. Got a 25 yard broadside shot in the timber, ran the bullet through the rear of both shoulders. The doe did a mule kick and after 3 jumps started stumbling, and dropped in under 30 yards. The entrance side had more bloodshot than I expected, the exit side was fine. I might throttle back some for this close cover hunting.
This is the 2nd doe I've taken, the first was last fall with the same bullet over 21-4198 for 1400 fps in my gun. I may go back to that load for general deer hunting, I don't think the 1600 fps load is needed for the heavy timber I'll be using it in.
Neither doe slowed the bullet down much, the slower load last year penetrated over 2 feet diagonally and exited after breaking shoulder bone on the entrance.
I'm sure enjoying this old timer, it just seems to match the hunting I do more of than the high velocity rifles I've used in the past.


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I have a 375 Win I would love to hunt with. I find loads with a 250 gr bullet around 1600 fps are about all I care to shoot.


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The is a very noticeable difference in recoil and muzzle rise between the 1400 and 1600 fps loads I've hunted with this rifle. The 1400 load is much closer to the powder puff load I use for backyard gongs. that one is 10 gr. Universal with the same bullet at 1220 fps and is light enough my light built 9 year old Grandson enjoys it.


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1600 is up there.
I know that sounds silly.
the 375 is actually one of those diameters where 250-270grs. is a fairly long bullet, this gives it a good sectional density so it doesn't need a lot of initial speed to keep it's momentum.


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This bullet measures about .950 long if i remember correctly. 1400 is still a bit more than the traditional black powder loads the cartridge made it's reputation on. Should be fine for anything I'll do around here. At 65 years of age, I doubt I'll see the elk mountains again.