9mm Largo?


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So it seems I've come into possession of what appear to be several hundred rounds of Berdan primed military issue 9mm Largo with allegedly oil soaked primers. I pulled a few bullets and sure enough the primers don't do squat when smacked with a hammer and punch, although the powder burns. Honestly, I'm not even sure what a 9mm Largo goes in. Some European auto loader no doubt, maybe South American? Any suggestions on what to do with this treasure trove? I don't even own a 9mm to use the FMJ bullets in!


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9×21 to get around the European "arms in military chambering" prohibition . 38/357 , 35 Rem , 358 Win , 9×57 , 35 Whelen ..... You knew that though . 125 fmj 3,000 fps in a 350 Rem :) .


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9mm bullets, brass for scrap and powder for rose food. Most was for those Spanish 400's imported 25 years ago, and ammo was purposely deactivated by the Spanish Government before sale. FWIW


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It goes into a Astra 400. And I think some of the French military pistols might take it, too.

Pass it on to someone who has a 9mm Para. Salvaging powder can be OK if there is enough
to justify working up loading data from scratch, which requires a smart person and a
chrono, IME. Berdan brass with dead primers.....is scrap.

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St Lawrence river valley, NY
Boyo! Someone is going to go through a lot of impact pullers to do this lot. Thanks for the ideas guys!

Bruce Drake

Look up the Star Super Pistol. it is a Spanish 9mm Largo semiautomatic pistol that was used by their military from the mid 30's to the late 80's. I own one and it's a fun and accurate pistol.


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I have a Spanish Destroyer carbine in 9mm Largo. The bullet diameter is the same size as any other 9mm, I believe. It shoots like a house afire, given the limitations of its chambering. I wish we could hunt turkeys in Nebraska with a rifle, it would have a purpose in life then.