A Message From Federal, CCI, Speer And Remington President Jason Vanderbrink On Ammo Demand


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I would think they would adjust to the new market numbers he quoted. Last I heard they were having troubles getting it off the dock due to covid work place requirements.

L Ross

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I'd drive up to the Minnesota plant and pick up twenny twos if they made any twenny twos worth trying to compete with. Sadly they don't.


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I don't think the ammo makers think in terms of "Right now" ammo needs--regardless of market conditions. They have years and years of sales records covering all of the calibers they ride herd on

Reminds me of the junk food machines being stripped of everything at the end of the month. I sure hope somebody's been tracking what sold out first, and not just looking at the present locust horde... It is nice to have odd calibers and cartridges, but after a certain point, there ain't much useful.

About 5K WLPP and I'd be set. Places are selling them by the hundred...


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Dad and I ordered 30,000 federal primers through his wholesaler 4 months ago and still haven’t received any.

Have been able to stock up on some 209’s for my new money pit trap shooting.


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In the darkest depths of the Famous 2008 Ammo & Components Shortage, I did a group buy of about 265K primers from CCI via BVAC. That was initiated in September 2008, and it took a full year for that order to be filled. I was in hog heaven in Sep. 2009, and wanted to make a big pile of 100-packs in my garage in swim through them like Scrooge McDuck in his gold vault. I resisted that momentary immaturity, and got the guys taken care of over a week's time. I am still working my way through a lot of those caps currently. Once I make the 10K SPP swap for the 348 moulds and components next month, I'll be a mite short of SPPs. Them wimmens and their 9mms will need to go on a shooting diet for a bit.

Edward R Southgate

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There's tons of ammo as well as components available on gun broker if you don't mind the upcharge . I won't pay it and don't need to but I do have to wonder if all this stuff is really in such short supply , how do these cats on GB get the large amounts they are selling for 4 & 5 times the normal price ?


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My local gun store owner told of a salesman in March coming to his store with Remington ammo for sale at 100% markup from 2019 wholesale. His story was that he and four other former salesmen put up $2.4 million in cash and could buy all the ammo they wanted at last year's wholesale price.

He came thru last week and had the dregs left, no popular ammo, for 50% over wholesale. They made a "substantial" profit and would do it again.


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how do these cats on GB get the large amounts they are selling for 4 & 5 times the normal price ?
Could be they are the ones who paid four or five time the normal price the last go-round and are now trying to recoup their money.