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Kevin Stenberg

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It was one of those memorable experience i don't want to do again. I have very bad knees. They sometimes lock, or just give out. And they are always stiff.
I was cleaning up winters scrap wood piles in the polebarn and basement. I backed my ATV up to my little trailer to pick up the scrap wood garbagecans. To get off of the ATV i have to stand up on the feet rests and swing one leg over the back of the seat. I was pivoting on my right foot, swinging my left leg over the back of the bike. I also have to lean forward to get my leg high enuff to get over the seat.
Did i say the bike was still running and in gear. Well leaning forward i hit the excelorarer with my leg. I did a full somersault over the handlebars landed on my left side. All i hurt was my pride. So I figure i came out perty good from a bad situation.


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No pics didn't happen?


Just jump up real quick and act like you meant to do it?

Seriously,glad you dodged an injury.BW


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bet you feel it in the morning.
I'm surprised at the stuff that wears me out for the rest of the day, stuff that used to be what I done before or after going to work.


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That is the sort of thing that you are really happy to get away clean from.

Glad you pulled it off. Power equipment doesn't care at all. :oops:

I managed to back my stander mower into my leg last summer, hit the side of the calf hard
with the frame rail which wraps into a circle upwards there. REALLY hurt, but I mowed
for another hour until it got just too achy. Seemed like it was not getting much better in
a couple of days, but we headed out the cabin in Colorado....I could walk OK ,but certain
things just made it ache. Did some chainsawing, and cleanup, split some wood, but after
about 10 days it still hurt a lot. Slow to catch on ......:rofl:

Went home, finally pretty sure that the small bone was broken. Went to the doc, got an x-ray,
yep broken clean. Put a splint on it and took it easy, healed up fine.

Just be careful, that power machinery can hurt you. I feel like I lucked out, too, but not
as clean as you did.

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it's pretty hard to take a selfie while in the air on an unplanned trip.

you know,, I have never taken a selfie.
I have been a second party in one, I have photo bombed a few hundred on purpose, but I have never just pulled my phone out and took my own,,,, ahh wait my phone don't take pictures.
now I gotta go see if it's even turned on.


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My flip phone took pretty good pictures, but I never could figure out how to get them off the postage-stamp-sized screen on to a 'puter. I got a camera for that. Now I got a smart phone that takes me ten minutes to set up for a photo, but I'm getting better....ish. If it was primed and ready, it would take a super-slo-mo video of acrobatics, but I ain't gonna follow myself around all day with a selfie stick.