A thank you to Brad and troj


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I'd like to thank Brad for working with me to get this section approved, and I'd like to thank troj for doing the computer massaging to make it happen.

The admins here set up sensible rules for selling things between members, designed to prevent the problems that have occurred elsewhere. They are a little reluctant to turn this into a commercially driven site. and I can appreciate that. I have been reluctant to post "for sale" threads due to the nature of my products and the fact that I sell off-site. We have worked together to develop business policies that will be fair to everyone involved. These policies are posted in this subforum and apply only to this subforum. The rules in the general Swap/Sell forum still apply there.

This new forum is a bit of an experiment, and I plan to do everything I can to keep the members here happy and keep any extra work for the admins to a minimum.

Once again my thanks to Brad and troj.


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yes, welcome back,
It makes me happy to see your products available again.


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Keith, I was more than happy to work with you to get some wonderful products back on the market.
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