Accurate 359155K


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Recently bought a mould from another member for a 5 cav Al mould from Tom for the 359155K.
Every time I use one of Tom’s moulds I remember just how easily they drop bullets. What a joy to use.
I foresee these seeing a bunch of use in my GP100 and the wife’s 686.


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At least you're not pouting because you didn't get to use your precision-machined mould club on it ;)

Bullet designs don't get much better than that one, I bet it's a dandy on the targets.


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that's probably as close to a true Keith as your gonna get in a new production mold.
I have an older 477 close to that and it shoots well in anything it chambers in.

try a couple in your Lever Gun, if it feeds I bet it is accurate as all get out.
you might need to disregard the crimp groove or use 38 cases, I seat my 454424 to the front band like a big 45 acp bullet and it shoots very well.
airc someone put out data for the 45 with the 454 seated that way sometime back, but I just cut my data by 15%.


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Nice wide but shallow lube groove. Easy to cast but holds plenty of lube. I will likely PC some to see what they do.
I’m pretty sure they will feed in the 92. A little measuring will tell me all I need to know there.


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Crimp to nose is .015 longer than the NOE 158 WFN I have been using in the 92. I don’t foresee that being enough to cause major issues?
Hello Brad

I have been eyeing that exact mold for a while.
It looks like the perfect all around revolver bullet.
Have you shot any of them yet?
Curious how well they did.



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"What Lamar said" regarding most faithful current rendition of Keith's SWC design. He also mentioned Lyman #358477, which is a longtime favorite of mine in 38 Special. I have an NOE variant of that design that casts fat enough to feed my small-frame 38 S&Ws (.361"+) in 30/1. I size and lube them all in my ,361" H&I die initially; these are good to go in the S&W Regulation Police x 4". For the Colt Police Positive x 4", they get a second sizing at .359". For use in the 38 Specials (or 357 Magnums) they get a 2nd sizing at .358". My usual 92/6/2 blend is too hard for the gentle pressures getting used in these applications (velocities of 700-900 FPS).


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my second one casts big enough it would work in the S&W case also, it's a workout pushing them into the 358 die on the stars.

a hundredth of an inch might not let the nose come up past that tiny little feed ramp the 92's have.
I don't even know why it's there other than to screw with feeding slightly long rounds.
my B-92 is so tight right there, nothing over saami minimum will feed without grabbing on it, .001 is a make it or break it length change on that one.
I nibbed the one on my 44 mag [along with the lifter stop] just enough so the 429241 would feed seated in the crimp groove. [then I got the RNFP mold I wanted a year or so later]
I snagged a 250 grain RNFP/GC from Accurate Molds right after I got the Win/Miroku 1892 in 44 Magnum. I have had a couple Marlin 94s that didn't get along with #429421 already, so rather than fight that battle I got a bullet design that would (and does) work.

I waited for Winchester and Marlin to get off the dime and import/make a 357 Magnum levergun, and after 3+ years of waiting I jumped on a Henry Big Boy (steel receiver) a couple years ago. If gets along with Lyman #358156 just fine when seated in Magnum brass with crimp placed in the upper crimp groove. These shoot well, too--my old practice load for work (13.5 grains of 2400/CCI 500) still gave the business to Coke cans at 50 yards with the OEM open irons. I see either a Skinner aperture sight or (GASP!) a glassware sight in this rifle's future. That's kinda like a camper shell on a Maserati, but I already own Glocks--so heresies become easier upon repetition. And once lost, there is no being found. :)
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