Accurate 36-158-V


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Shot the last of the 80 bullets. I used 4 different powders, Promo, Green Dot, HP38, & Titegroup, 20 rounds each. All charges were the same 3.5 grains. I shot these in my 1951 K-38 Masterpiece at 20 yards. I used a 2 inch bull & my porch banister for a rest. Now guys I'm no bench shooter & have never been. I do 99.9% of my shooting offhand.

Of note, the HP38 & Titegroup loads hit measurably lower on the target. The groups average 1 1/2-1 3/4". The Promo & Green Dot loads were softer shooting. They averaged 1-1 1/4". A good bench shooter with a good bull I'm sure could just stack these up. My spread was vertical with the round bull.

Anyway many thanks to Waco for the free bullets. I've wanted to try this bullet for some time. I shoot the NOE 38-160-WFN for my 357 loads. It's a good bullet in solid & HP form so I probably won't switch to the Accurate bullet for the mag but for the 38 Special I'm sure it would be among the top bullet for that cartridge.